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So another community member offered to give me a recipe, since I'm struggling with my eating disorder lately. Of course, I don't want it just for myself - I think everyone should have access! My first thought was starting a recipe thread; everyone can contribute and share their favorite dishes. To keep this as safe as possible though, I'd like to establish a few guidelines:

1) Keep it as healthy as possible; no sugar-loaded desserts, please.

2) Always add serving suggestions. (Seeing that "this serves 5-8 people" should help us stay realistic)

3) No unnecessary numbers! Measurements, times, and serving suggestions are fine - no need to say number of calories, amount of carbs, or anything of the sort.

4) Be creative! :D Have as much fun with this as possible, share as many recipes as you can, and tell us wonderful memories related to these dishes.

I hope that these guidelines are understandable. And if I missed an important one, PLEASE let me know!

Anyway, have fun! :P

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