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I've been having trouble with friends because I'm not sure who's really my friend or who's just being nice to me. This is especially hard for me because I'm talking about church friends and I thought they all liked me except for a few guys.

The reason I believe this is because I'm becoming more knowledgeable of myself and how to interpret other peoples emotions by how they look or act.

Now I can understand why they don't like me. I'm terrible socially, and not like I'm not nice or something like that. I'm one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

I have a syndrome called as purgers(hopped I spelled that right). You could read up on it if you want but a couple symptoms are bad socially especially in teen years, and bad communication like if you ask me about myself I'll be at a loss. Thats all you need to knwo for my problem.

People find me extremely weird because I'm bad socially and have a hard time communicating, also I'm a little eccentric but only a little.

Now that I'm more smart and wise with age and experience I've thought about it and some of my friends have always acted a little weird around me and acted a lot more... sprightly then with me and some just don't like me.

I need help because I'm having trouble with the fact that not many people care too much about me next to family and friends I grew up with, also the fact that some friends I thought were good friends might just be tolerating me which drives me crazy.

Because of my weird quicks and what people think of me I've been having more trouble getting into groups what I normally do is just distance myself and go into a meditative trance to kinda just get away.

How can I tell who's my friends is what I'm really asking.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Ob1one,

My suggestion to you would be that group psychotherapy could, perhaps, be a good experience for you. It seems as though you lack information about who you are, how you come across to other people, and whether or not you are liked and why. In group therapy, with a well-trained psychogist or licensed clinical social worker who have on going groups, these things could happen.

I want to point out that, from what you write about your self, you do have friends and family. Perhaps you minimize their importance to you.

Why do you think that you are "wierd?" What are the types of things you do? Is it possible that you do "wierd things" as a way of keeping people away from you? I do not know and these are questions to encourage you to write more about who you are.


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