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Back From The Hospital


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Hi Everyone... I'm back home...

well I did go into the hospital for 10 days and quickly cycled pretty bad there too.

I am now on hormones(birth control), vitamin D and a very very small dose of zyprexa. I'm not sure what to expect :confused: as I crashed really low and withing 24 hours I was as high as a kite while in the hospital. So home I am right now and hoping to ride this manic episode and catch up on some

things around the house....

Hope everyone is well, I guess I have some catch up to do on the posts :)

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So THAT'S where you had gone to. I wondered why you'd become so quiet. Glad to have you back...

Sorry to hear about the troubles. :) Really hope the hormones, vites and Zyprexa do something. I sometimes wonder about orthomolecular psychiatry - they can get very good results. They attribute many psychiatric symptoms to heavy metal poisoning and do, inter alia, a full hair analysis which tells them all sorts of things. I think you can get it done through the mail too. They need hair at the roots ie current growth.

Anyway, just mentioning it in case you haven't tried or heard of it.


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Hi everyone, thanks so much for your love and caring support. Yeah I figured you missed me around here:p:)

The staff at the hospital knows me real well so they are almost like family and THEY had to put up with me MANIC:eek:

I was ready and willing to put my business skills together and reorganize and run the place

Manic, dont you just love it???:(

So yes I took my own advice and checked in

And yes Luna, I have a Dr name of someone in my area that does all of the testing you were talking about. I was going to make an appt., I will gather up the info I have and I will talk later on that....

I hope everyone else is doing well...

Thanks again for the support !!!

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Welcome back Linda. I was also wondering what was going on with you .... Dropping off here like that had me concerned. Very concerned . I hope that the new meds will and can help you feel better. Your a lucky duck for NOT having to be placed on many medications all at once . Kind of makes me sad that I am on so many. Anyway , I am so glad you are back. You are a great contribution to this fourm :(

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Thanks Cathy... I think I missed your post some where along the way here...:confused:

I'm actually feeling pretty good!!! I think the birth control pill is working... I doubt the very little, little dose of zyprexa (2.5)I am on kicked in yet but if it keeps the pendulum from swinging like an angry monkey, then I will take it!!! I think he will probably raise it next week though because it's really not a therapeutic level for me... but it's me and meds so anything is possible !!!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Lindamomof7,

I want to join the chorus in welcoming you back. I also hope you have a therapist who you can talk to now that you are out of the hospital. I look forward to your active participation once again.



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Hi Allan I am just seeing this post now.. well I guess it is never too late..:)

Thanks for the welcome back and yes I see my therapist weekly and my pdoc as well. And if I don't they now have legal rights (mental health directive) to put me back in the hospital because NOT seeing them means I am really down and probably very unpredictable or maybe too predictable in it being a sign of crashing big time.

I had a follow up MRI while I was in the hospital and it seems there is something going on with demeylenization with possible Lymes/lupus. I do have the sarcoidosis diagnosis through a biopsy and they were thinking it was lupus before that but maybe now it is both??? I have ALL the symptoms and it might explain my hormone problems and troubled pregnancies and miscarraiges. And my memory/processing/concentration problems, fevers, etc were all in that same time frame. I seem to be in remission from sarcoid but interesting the doc gave me Vit D and a lot of my symptoms flared up...

Gee with my nasty luck with meds and side effects, and being called an anomaly, whats the chances I have sarcoid, lupus AND Bipolar??? Wouldn't that be something??? But never say never with me is what we have all learned in these last 4 years! Any thing is possible!!!

Good luck with your surgery..:)

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