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I stepped on the scale this morning, looked down at those beady red numbers, and thought I was going to die. :eek:

I've spent the past three/four weeks excersing 'lightly' (e.g. sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, etc). I suppose that the gain could have to do with increased muscle mass but I'm doubting it. :)

I've always been heavy so I look at myself in the mirror and try to remember why I keep trying. Added factors is that I'm depressed, and thusly extremely tired nine days out of ten, and I like to cook and bake - so I eat. :)

And I don't know how to stop. Or cut back. The more I think about those numbers on the scale the more I panic and want to curl up in a ball and cry. I've tried diets, I've tried diet pills. Nothing works.

At nineteen, I should weigh 120 to 140. I passed 200 when I was a freshman in high school. :eek:

Any tips, suggestions, advice, etc?


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I have a suggestion. Dont use scales so often. Maybe every two weeks, once a weeks at the most. Scales make you feel bad, you have to remeber that it isnt all fat, you have to take your whole body into consideration. A good way to give you a better idea of how well you are doing is to buy a pair of jeans in the size you aspire to be (take it step by step), you know wether you are losing or gaining by how well you fit into them, it will make you feel great when you can fit into them properly. Then you will know that that extra weight is just those muscles youve been building up :) I know it doesnt help you with losing weight but its stops those scales bringing you down :) Good luck!

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I've had anorexia and Bulimia before , in the past . I am now on the flip side of things, HEAVY> However, what I have learned through the experience of having the terrible ED which controlled my life is that no matter how I look , fat or thin , I am still me. I can't get away from myself or my weight . I use to want to disappear into my thinness , Poof , all gone , no more mscat , it nearly worked too. My body fat dropped down to 3% . I was thinner then ever , and was in a medical crisis . Had to be placed in a wheelchair for my own safety because the medical team thought I was going to drop dead.

NOW, I do not think I overeat, but since I am heavy , I guess I do eat too much w/o purging anymore.

I much rather be on the heavy side then to be on my death bed. I go from one extreme to the other , either all or nothing >

Yes, get rid of the scale , and start working on how you yourself feel about who you are as a person. That is what I learned. Their is no escape about who you are ... And this is what matters far more then a number on a scale.

If you really want to lose any weight at all, then cut down of the calories and get exercise , graually build up the exercise program, and do not starve yourself either . Your body will go into starvation mode , and it will be even easier to place on more weight.

Walking is good , brisk walking a couple times a day will help you . Just watch the fat intake , and not starve yourself . You can still eat the same foods, just not as much as before.

I tend to be a snacker, and love the chips > my downfall. . But it just matters who u are inside and how you feel about yourself internally . Nobody really cares about your weight , but you. REmember that. You are who you are and this is something to be very proud of.

You are correct that lifting weights will put on the muscle mass faster then anything else , making yuor weight seem higher then it is. Fat does not weigh as much as muscle . SO maybe toning yourself up would help you feel better about yourself.

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I too, struggle with overeating. I am now up to 340 pounds and I hate myself! Everyday I wake up and wish i could stop eating and everyday I eat and eat until I am sick. It has been this way my whole life. I see no way out. I even wished a million times I had cancer and that would help my lose weight. I feel so desprerate sometimes I just want to die. I try not to think about it, but being in therapy causes it to come to the surface all the time. My therapist thinks we should work on past trauma first and then the weight.

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check out overeaters anonymous. i have the opposite problem but similar symptoms. from the people that i've met with over eating problems (usually also excercise fanatics) there most common thing that they say is to 'not be scared of it'. i can't really go into it because i don't think about over eating all that much but, i guess it might be a bit of a self fulfilling proffercy. like when you tell yourself not to think about the time and every 10 seconds you look at the clock. Look as long as you're willing to admit you have a problem thats a step. my dietician (does alot of research in to these fields and publishes things on this stuff) said that one of the main issues with 'over eating' is that most people think that its normal and not a disorder and therefor having people co operate with the person in order to help them regulate there intake is an issue. i guess i could tell you that it would be easier to not view it as a problem and to just live with it. i have also heard sucess stories where people worry about there weight for years and do everything in there means to loose it and nothing ever changes, until they decide just to accept themselves. anyway as i was saying i was saying none of this could be of any help at all and a whole pile of gibberish but it what i've heard or been told. and i guess it might help.

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