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Do you ever get this feeling? (possibly triggering)


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Does anybody ever have an unknown feeling? I sometimes feel sadness or feel something missing, its strange because I dont know what it is or why its there but there it is, in the bottom of my heart. Sometimes you can get close, you get near to the answer and then its gone. Just like that. Then you are stuck with an unknown feeling in your heart, wondering what it is or why its there, thinking your getting closer to the answer but it slips through your fingers each time...

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Hello ThePetPerson

Does anybody ever have an unknown feeling?...

Yes! Very very often. It can also happen with happiness but that is not usually so worrying.

I think that a lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes. My general reaction is that it is doing what it is supposed to do and it is probably mending things, helping me, and moving things forward a bit. We are, after all, self healing systems. The only ones I pay a lot of conscious attention to are those ones that give me an unnerving feeling. When I feel something is wrong but I'm not sure what. My usual response to that is that it's a good thing but there may be something useful to notice.

On the whole if it is moving around inside it is doing you some good. That's my feeling.

Philosophical muse:

Different people interpret the world in different ways but it seems fairly well accepted that our experience that we call emotion is part of the process of dealing with the effects from outside. So something happens that seriously upsets us. We respond naturally and cry a lot. Then we understand better and move on. Bottling fear or sadness simply doesn't help. So feelings are the stuff that mends us, helps us learn. We all have loads of "unprocessed" stuff inside us. You'll probably recognise this when something is happening over and over and eventually you burst with emotion. Usually that has some seriously beneficial effect inside. You feel better. Well the little bits were being help down until the "final straw" released all that pent up stuff. I think, especially in a situation with loads of stuff going on, that sometimes, particularly when our minds are engaged doing something else fairly routinely, like typing, or knitting, or cleaning out the rabbit, that unprocessed feelings get a chance to just process in the background a bit.

We really are fantastic things. It's just that much of the time we don't realise it.


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That's interesting, Petperson. It's amazing how our emotions can cause actual physical sensations, isn't it? Maybe try and focus on that feeling and see what it's trying to tell you. Is it achy and wanting? Yearning? Or does it feel like something missing? Loneliness? Could be a lot of things. But it means something. I hope you find out what the message is behind your unknown feeling. Then you can find ways to get what you've been needing.

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