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Biting on my teeth


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Hi Sweetmom2,

Try this-- take a thick rubber band and wrap it around your wrist. Every time you bite down hard or scrape your teeth in agitation or anxiety, pull hard on the rubber band and let it snap onto your wrist (the inside part that runs parallel to your palm). It will cause instant and fairly severe pain...BUT... after 3-7 very hard snaps, you won't be grinding your teeth!

Please do not do those if you're prone to self injurious behavior, or have a mood disorder that is hard to manage, a psychotic disorder, or Borderline Personality Disorder.

This is effective 75-80% of the time. It's a painful (aversion therapy) technique for stopping things like grinding your teeth or having slight nervous twitches.

Good luck and I hope this works. I've done it for myself b/c I have at times become anxious (I don't sleep) and will begin to grind my teeth. 2-3 hard snaps and I quit immediately.


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