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There are a many good books that are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. One is by Copeland and is for phobia and anxiety. Don't know the name but its in the book stores. The other is by Burns and is called the "Feeling Good Work Book." It is really excellent and I highly recommend it.

Also, read about meditation and learn to use it.


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There is one book that was the only real thing that helped me, after I gave up on medication. It's also a CBT technique with amazing results (for me anyway)...you can go to my website and get more info about it, hope I get to help:)

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I'm glad that you found things that helped you, but I would suggest that you talk to our administrator, whose user name is 'Mark', for permission to post links, particularly for anything commercial. Otherwise, it's difficult for moderators like me to distinguish it from spam. Thank you.

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I bought a book about 7 years ago that I am now re-reading called Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel Amen. He goes through and explains how different psychological problems occur because of dysfunctions in certain areas of the brain, and then suggests exercises (not the physical kind), foods, supplements, and medications that the reader might want to consider to solve his problem. So for example for fear, which is something I also deal with, he suggests looking into benzodiazopenes, B vitamins, and foods high in carbs and tryptophan. I personally am trying to avoid medication, but I have tried and will try again the B vitamins, and the the foods he suggests are not too far from what I normally eat. Way back when I was on meds my doc said stay away from caffeine, and in Amen's book he says the same thing for people with fear and anxiety.

He has said in interviews that most doctors disagree with him because of his approach to neurology, but I thought I'd suggest it because I don't know how many people have heard of him or his book.

Just another perspective to add to the positive thinking, deep breathing, and pushing through the fear.

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