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A good audiobook to fight negative thoughts?


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I don't have an answer for you, Archyb, but wanted to offer you some support. Have you worked with your therapist in trying to discover and understand where the negative thoughts are coming from? Sometimes when you come to understand that the source of such beliefs are false it becomes easier to loosen their grip on you. Once you create some space in your mind in the absence of such painful thoughts, there may be more room for positive truths. I hope you find some serenity in this very soon, archy.

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Hey archyb

Im afraid I dont have an answer for you either, just a suggestion.

You could try going to your local library and getting some self help audio books from there. That way if they are not any help to you your not financially out of pocket, but if you do find a good one then you can go buy it :rolleyes:

Hope this helps a little

Take care


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