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Dark change in my personality


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Recently I've been having a lot of troubles that have made me dark, angry, irritable, and dark moods like a thunder storm in my mind.

I recently am at the point where I hate people in general. Not black, not Mexican or Latino, I mean everybody.

If you read some of my threads I placed for help an overview would be kids at school harassing me and I can't fight back, hate at church because I thought I was done with the type of people at school when it was over, but it was still there at church, last not knowing who liked me or not because I noticed strange behavior all of the time I knew them.

So all that in mind this is what is causing this and I'm worried that it will keep getting worse, which is scary for my position as singer, backup drummer, and soon backup guitarist.

Now that worries me because it's a Christian church which means people love to find the downsides of people like me. I normally don't care what people think but now I'm an example for them.

I'm under pressure, I have a hate for general people, I don't know who my friends are. WHAT IN THE GOSH DARN PIECE OF HOLY HASSLE NUT SHOULD I DO.

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Please don't think that all Christians are going to be judgemental of you in a negative way. Not all Christians are pointing their fingers at your flaws. We are all flawed and broken and we make mistakes. That doesn't make you bad, it just means you're human. A Christian that tries to live their life by the bible would know that the bible instructs us not to judge others. We are commanded to love one another, faults and all.

I'm sorry you are being bullied. I know what that's like and it makes you feel terrible if you take it personally. In my opinion a bully is someone who hurts others because they feel bad about themselves. Have you talked to someone in charge about what's been happening to you? Here is a website I found on ways you can stop bullying:


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I recently am at the point where I hate people in general. Not black, not Mexican or Latino, I mean everybody. QUOTE]

Hey man i know what you mean.. And because of the now, it reflects back to me and in my relationship. I just posted one up so u can see my issue, but i live in arizona, and because of the way people are here im beginning to dislike alot of people that i never did when i was younger.. im more irritable, and more antsy and ready to fight if someone says something wrong to me or my wife. And as far as music goes wat do u sing/ listen to?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Eprev20 and Ob1one,

You each state that you do not like people, and in fact, that it is not a matter of race or ethnicity, you each feel angry and hate people.

OK, so, can you each tell us the reasons why you hate people and why each of you is feeling this angry. I assume that you reach have different reasons. You have a right to feel angry but can you each tell us a little about your selves and what has made you dislike everyone??


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I just dont like peoples attitudes nowadays, they seem to be getting more rude, disrespectful, and blaintly disregarding that im with my wife and say rude things, i mean even elderly people are just rude now too.. its like people have no morales anymore, i mean i was in the marines, so i know what its like to have discapline and respect others. Ill tell u a little more about me later, i have arends to run.


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