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Am I normal? More help needed.


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I've been worrying about being a "psycho", again. I have thoughs of suffocating my dog - and it's like I want to, and I like it. I've also had thoughts about abusing children - but I worry about these thoughts, I don't want them - or, at least, I don't think I do? I don't know what to do? Please read my other thread's for a bit more info.

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Hi Nathan,

It seems, based on many, many, many posts by you and numerous others on the forum, that you're still struggling with various rumimations and obsessional thoughts. There have been numerous solid recommendations made to you by many of us (see a professional, call the police regarding your fears of having seen a certain picture, do thought stopping exercises, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.) and you have not followed through consistently over the months.

To be honest Nathan (and I say this with the deepest compassion, sensitivity and understanding), none of us can help you, you'll need to act on those numerous suggestions made by folks on the forum before you'll see any improvements. Talking to us, writing in daily, pulling others into your obsessional thinking, all of this only postpones the inevitable--- seeing someone professionally. It also maintains/reinforces and solidifies your ruminations and deepens their hold on you. The longer you postpone seeking help and/or implementing the solid recommendations, the worse your condition will become and over the years, the more it will create dysfunction in your life as they will dominate your psyche.

My recommendation is that you go back to all of the suggestions given and implement those you can.

Secondly, my hope is that others will not continue to respond to your posts or threads until you can describe which suggestions you implemented and what outcomes came out of them. This will hopefully force you to act on your own best interest-- writing in daily, asking for help and reassurance cannot replace real help, face-to-face, with a professional. If you can't see a professional, talking to us daily will not truly help you, it only seems to decrease your anxieties and ruminations for a short period (sort of like using a cigarette to relax).

Please Nathan, you need to act on what has been suggested by countless folks. My sense is that you will go to another forum, as you have before, and get your "fix" there as opposed to really making an effort to work thru this. We all want you to get better and feel better about yourself and the only way this will happen is if you make the changes. Please understand where I'm coming from-- my heart goes out to you and I feel extremely calloused in saying this, but I believe in my heart that this is for the better.

Again, I say this with great compassion and sensitivity and not to be mean spirited and calloused.

Good luck Nathan and please seek help outside of these types of forums or implement the recommendations suggested by many here,


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I worry about these thoughts, I don't want them - or, at least, I don't think I do?.

Of course you dont want them!!! There is no question that these thoughts are wrong, there is no justification for harming any living creature, these thoughts you have never should be acted on.

I agree with everyone else you need to seek help fast but I want to also add a very important point, if you ever lose your way and start asking yourself whether you should act on these thoughts then remember...never do things to others that you dont want done onto yourself, if you dont like the idea of feeling hurt and feeling pain then obviously any other living creatures isnt going to like it either, remember you are no special then any other life on this planet which means you dont have the right to try to inflict harm, pain, or abuse onto anyone else. Every life is precious and struggling for survival on this already cruel planet without having others to make things worse, so stay focused, relaxed and stop dwelling and obsessing over harmful thoughts, you need some sort of hobby or activity to chill and get your mind off all this.

Your making your own life misarable by unnecessarly being stuck on thoughts that dont need to be thought about, just ignore, relax, focus, chill, keep busy and occupy yourself with hobbies, music, and other good activities. Consider this a challange, you are better than to fall be a victim to such pointless and harmful thoughts, practice and figure out various methods to deal with it and learn ways around it. You can beat this, or at least learn to block it and if you cant then you have to learn to live with it or even tolerate it without acting on it, try and change your perception, consider it a background noise that has no significance.

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