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I have had CT's and MRI's to check for abnormal structures and growths but that's it. I am guessing since the "experts" think a lot of MH issues are chemical in nature there is not a imaging protocol that would detect/show much. Just look at the PDR about your meds: ... is thought to blah blah blah the chemicals thought to control blah blah blah. It's all guess work.

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Hi Linda,

In the context of excellent mental health care, SPECT can be extremely useful. The images used in orthopedics are generally static and look at the anatomy of the knee, shoulder or other body part, SPECT, however, can be used to see how blood is flowing through different areas of your brain, which gives an image of brain function as opposed to brain anatomy alone.

A SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) brain scan is a diagnostic nuclear medicine imaging procedure used to visualize brain function by obtaining three-dimensional images of the brain in action as opposed to standing still. SPECT will tell you how various areas of the brain are functioning--- for example, an MRI will not reveal that blood flow to the frontal cortex and temporal lobes areas is lessened in children with ADHD (which will show decreased executive function (decision-making, thinking, impulse control focus and attention, etc.), but this info has lead to many discoveries and treatments. The SPECT camera will take a series of pictures of your brain (after you've been injected with a radioactive agent that will localize in an area of the brain to be imaged, this will show blood flow in that area, which indicates function.

Overall, a thorough exam will look at an fMRI, CT and SPECT to give you an excellent diagnostic picture (albeit a very expensive venture, too).

Hope this was helpful info,


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