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I had my 1st therapy appt yesterday. It went really well. Before I met w/ the therapist I went to my regular physician for a medication adjustment. I currently take 200mg zoloft/day 30mg buspar/day. I told my doctor that it wasn't cutting it so he increased the zoloft to 300mg.. I told him I thought that 200 was the max and he said no so I went on my way.

I got to the therapist and when she got to my medications she was surprised to see that my dr. put me on 300mg of zoloft... she said '200mg has always been the maximum! Don't continue taking that dosage!' ... I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!!!

After explaining my symptoms and experiences to her she went on to tell me that it doesn't sound like I had the correct diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder at all, that it sounds a lot like Social Phobia. She said that Zoloft isn't always the best medicine in cases of social phobia. She suggested that I lay off the caffeine, schedule an appt with a psychiatrist so I can adjust the meds and get a formal diagnosis, then I made a follow up appt with the therapist for April 2.

I'm feeling hopeful. Just thought I would share.

Anyone else experience social phobia? If so, what do your symptoms/experiences consist of and what kind of treatment do you use?


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I'm delighted that you made it to your first therapy session and that it went well.

I think it is a good idea to let a psychiatrist control what medication you are on. When I asked mine about reducing the meds he felt that my therapy for social phobia and avoidant personality was stressful enough, so asked me to hold off for a while.

Therapy has worked well for me as regards my anxiety and somewhat for the social phobia.

I will write more later, I have to go visit my husband in hospital now.

Best wishes


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