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don't know where I'll end up


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I cut all the time now didn't use to but now I feel like I have to do it. Sometimes I wonder if this means I might have ocd. Or am I just addicted to it because I've been doing for a while I don't know how i stayed out of the hospital this long with my cutting and self harming behavior people don't care about me otherwise they would have locked me up already i am not staying safe at all. Yet no one cares or maybe no one knows how to help me

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Hi passionfruit3

S/I is addictive, and a way of coping for many, myself included. Whats happening for you recently thats making things so very hard for you to cope ?

Im sorry you feel that theres no one that cares about you, is there anyone at all that maybe you can confide in, and let know just how low you are feeling ?

You could try distracting yourself when the urges become strong, read a book, draw, paint, phone a friend etc.... I know this dosnt always work but sometime it helps enough till the urge to s/i calms a little.

Have you spoken to your doc, the doc will be able to help you, especially if your taking meds, sometimes they just need altering slightly.

We are here and listening, and do care.

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