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Let me know your thoughts. The therapist I saw earlier in the week suggested that I see a psychiatrist in order to adjust/change/monitor my medications (I am on 200mg zoloft & 30mg of buspar a day). The therapist also requested that I continue to see her as well which I plan on doing. While I want to continue the therapy, would it really be necessary to mess with the drugs?? I am wondering if I should just continue with what I am on now since they at least allow me to function on a day to day basis, and then see how therapy takes me from there. OR should I go to the psychiatrist and mess with the meds and get therapy. Im just trying to decide if I am trying to take on too much at once. Or maybe Im just being the paranoid person I am? Either way, some friendly advice or thoughts on the subject might be helpful

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My therapist was suggesting to me that I may no longer need medication and to discuss it with my Psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist would not reduce my medication as he was of the opinion that the therapy could be stressful and I would need the meds to keep me stable. I have been in therapy 10 months now and I see the benefit of my meds, so am going to stick with them a while longer.

Do you have regular reviews with your Psychiatrist ? ( I see mine every 3 months or so). I think there should be someone monitering you while you are on the meds anyway.

take care


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