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I found out within the last week that I am ADHD and I am Major Depression. I am already Diabetic, but now I must go on meds. I am having to adjust to alot of "newness" all at once. On top of that I am trying to sign up to take a class or 2 this summer at a local college to help with skills upgrading. have been cleared through the Dept of Rehab. So as I desperately want to quickly get retrained and quickly find a new job cause finances are poor right now, I find myself feeling like I should skip the job training for the summer at least, til I learn how and why my disorders affect me in a learning way.

But at the same time I feel if I do that it makes me appear as though I'm trying to avoid working and finding excuses not to work right now. I wish I could pause time enough for me to catch up, even just a little. But I can't. I want to try applying for disability even if it's just temporary to see if that would help me right now, but I feel guilty about asking. But I also feel like I just need a chance to get all this sorted out, too. I am almost in tears as I admit all this.

Just trying to think through things right now. Is there anyone who has more than 1 diagnosis and is trying to figure it all out "at the same time"? OR at least understands where I'm coming from?


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Hi Pinecone, welcome to the forum :-) Lovely name by the way...

Sure, I think we can all relate in some way or other to how overwhelmed you feel, you have a right to feel like it is a lot to take in - it is. I see nothing wrong with taking a few months off to regroup. Many people with mental health issues need to do that on a regular basis I think. For me anyway when too many things come at me all at once, especially negative things, then I move towards depression quickly and I usually need a few months off to get balanced again. You are allowed to give yourself that, a time for healing.

I always have the fear that if I take that time then I will become a lazy bum, or I will spiral into apathy and endless seclusion, never to return to the world of normality. But in fact the opposite is true for me. Once I get myself balanced, calmer, more clearheaded, then I can function normally again and am better able to do all those things I reach towards. No two of us are the same, I'm aware of that. I think the important thing is to become aware of what your particular needs are, what your cycles are, what your body/head need to get back on track. If that is a little time off to refocus, then so be it, lots of people have that need.

May you get comfortable with your own rythms .... it's all good :-)

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I am ADHD ...

I am Major Depression ...

But Pinecone,

You are not any of those things, nor are they you!

You are a person.

They are illnesses, that you happen to have, at the moment.

Perhaps some, like Diabetes, will be with you for life. But that doesn't mean that they are you.

Maybe that will help a little, with the newness.

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