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I woke up this morning and received a phone call from a friend asking if I wanted to bowl in charity event for kids. Since I work with kid that have behavioral problems I would normally have no problem doing an event like this. The first thought that popped in my head was the usual worries I have about becoming anxious. I knew I wasn't driving to the event and it was about a 1/2 hour away from where I live. I felt my mind start to race with worried thoughts and felt myself becoming anxious, but then something clicked. I said to myself "This is ridiculous!" and kept thinking what's the worst that can happen? At that point I made it my mission to go to the event and deal with any anxiety. I thought it would be tough but I knew I had to do it. It also helped that I was going with close friends that know about my situation. Well once I got in the car and headed out with my friends I did have some unsettling thoughts but kept ignoring them and replacing them with positive thoughts. When we arrived at the event I realized that I was thinking about anxiety or worrying so much about how I would feel because I was already there and saw that I was fine. It seems like I took the power right out of anxiety's hand. Now I did have some moments of mild hot flashes but it really wasn't a big deal. I just simply coped with it and after a few seconds they just stopped. This felt really good! It made it seem that anxiety was not this scary thing that was unstoppable. I know that I have to keep to working at it and can only hope it keeps getting better and better!

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That is so great MCfan1, with every success comes more confidence and eventually the anxiety fades. I also find that stopping myself from dwelling on it is very helpful and I'm learning strategies to nip my negative through processes right in the bud, before they get me all agitated.

And the beat goes on ....:cool:

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