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I feel that way, in this post im the Pupil, or I just need some sympathy cos I get afraid. on Fri, Colonoscopy, upper oscopy, possible hernia..and I just hate hospitals even tho im grateful that i am taking care of myself and that their are doctors to help me do that. ........I get afraid tho :eek:

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Hi Cat... I wish you luck with your colonoscopy (did I get THAT spelling right?). I admit I would be scared crazy too if I had one coming up for me.

But then you know that it isn't such a serious procedure, you know it is necessary for you, so I think you just are doing what needs to be done, and that's a good thing :o I'm hoping with you that the results will show all negatives and you are in the clear! Well, and if not, then there are many things that can be dealt with, can be treated and healed.

Regarding privacy, I'm always thinking to not put out things that I assume could positively and easily identify me. I am aware that some of the things I put out here can identify me if somebody has the access to some public databases and properly correlates things - but then, why should anybody do that? So I'm save from the casual eye and I don't fear the probing eye, so I feel good. Regarding relationships that get established on the board, so far I had the impression that most of them are carried by good intentions, motivations to help and support, though I did see here and there posts that showed intentions of a different kind - but then we are all only human and things happen. But none of those gave me the impression that anybody was truly meaning to get at the person behind the other screen and try to pry into their lives in a predatory manner. So I think - from all aspects that I can think of - you and your sons are save :))

*hugs* and best wishes... (and try to sleep during the nights before Friday!!!)


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Good morning catsirish,

As I've gotten past that alf century mark, colonoscopies and being probed a lot are now a regular part of my life... it's that 24 prep of drinking that salty water to cleanse the colon that's the nightmare.... uuuuuughhhhh!

With respect to privacy, I used to have my pic and private practice website up at all times, but soon took it down b/c I was concerned that my words and life experiences might be disturbing for some of my clients. Otherwise I've not been excessively careful.

I tend to worry much, much more about identity theft, which now comes in many forms and is much easier to perform. Keeping your real name and any indentifiers private, here, is your best protection-- the name catsirish may be easier to track if that's all you have on here that's visible. My real name appears, if I Google it, on my website, from my presentations/lectures, on the 411 directory and some search-finder engines, and from my dissertation from over a decade ago, but not here.

Good luck on your scopes.


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