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My son has autistic disorder, and moderate mental retaradtion. He has what is called splinter skills , where he is very smart in certain areas . I have raised him all of life as a single parent. He will be 17yrs old in Aug. I can't believe the time has flown by. I treat him like any other child , he is verbal , just highly repetive , and likes things to be a certain way.

I do not think of him as disabled , just a kid who is a little different then others , only a little. I like to think so.


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You are right, he is not disabled. Aren't we all a "little different" in some way or other? That's a large part of what our society as a whole needs......tolerance and acceptance of those who are different than us. It makes me think of a lyric from a song by "Rush" that says:

Quick to judge,

Quick to anger,

Slow to understand

Ignorance and prejudice

And fear walk hand in hand.

I LOVE working with my clients who are on the spectrum. I find in embracing their abilities and gifts we can meet their needs, desires, and dreams that they want for themselves rather than what we want for them. I've found we are only limited by what we do with our own creativity. Sometimes we forget with all people we come in contact that because they don't use words, doesn't mean they don't speak. We must learn to listen with our hearts and our other senses.

OK...that's enough of my soapbox....stepping down now :(

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We all see my son as "quirky" and yes we are ALL quirky. What really upsets the balance in our family is his ADHD behavior. He is like me very strong, willfull and need to be in control so that added to being slow academically and socially with adhd is a battle every day and night.

I actually love his innocense to not knowing trendy things or that he can still play with his matchbox cars or still like TV shows for younger kids and that it is OK.

Tolerance and acceptance is a given in our house and anyone visiting either accepts him or leaves. Luckily my children have chosen good friends because they all love coming to our house full of "non autistic" and "autistic" kids.

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