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Any disorder I have?


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I had difficulty reading when I was young. I read books slowly. Most to the time my room is a messy. Every time I tried to clean my room, I always couldn't focus on it. I can't decide to give away the handout that I might not to read it anymore, because I think I would read it someday. In the end, I didn't read it at all. Stuff that I don't use is also hard for me to give it away.

I was wondering that I got "ADD"? My therepy told me that if I can focus on computer games, I don't really got "ADD". Anyone can tell me any disorder do I have?

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I think theres probally a number of things you could have, but the only person who can really diagnoise you is someone who sees you face to face, and is quanlified to do so.

I'm dyslexic and this affects my organisation, spelling, used to affect my reading (i couldnt read until I was 9) and concentration, finding it very difficult to focus.

But maybe it isnt the diagnosis which is so terribly important, maybe the most important thing is learning what helps you to over come the symptoms of the disorder. When you cant focus, break things down into smaller more managable tasks, so that it's easier to focus.

Hope thats a little helpful.

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