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1 yr old


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I don't know what those things are, but about one year old, they want to eat what you are eating. Are you eating poridge and pronutro? She has some teeth, right? You should find something that she likes; try your food with less seasoning (minus salts and sugar) and see if she will eat then. Are these foods that you blend for her? Is she past baby food?

You could call her doctor. About 1 yr old they go in every few months or is she past that stage? It's been a long long time for me, but call her doctor. That is easy enough to do and take her in to make sure she can eat regular food, if that is the problem.

take care

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Hi sweetmom2 ;)

Perhaps your daughter just dosnt like the taste of poridge. One of my babies didnt. You could try adding a little blended fruit into it. Thats the only way my son would eat poridge.

Is your daughter eating other food ok ?

If you are concerned about your childs eating, you should speak to your childs health visitor. She will be able to put your mind at ease. :)

Take care

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