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My wifes sex drive is gone


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It seems like my wife dont never want to have sex she just does it to shut me up. I take it but i dont like it, she barely kiss me while we have sex and never wants to be in control just lays there. I do everrything for her in the bed i mean everything and its never a wam bam thank you mam. I always take my time and make sure shes satisfied before i am. so with all this is there anyone that can tell me whats going on. Is it me or is it someone else doing it better.Please reply

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Person, I'd suggest that the only person who can tell you for sure what's going on is your wife. Have you ever tried to talk to her about it?

I know you have fears of losing her, but believe me, not talking to her is one of the easiest ways to do just that.

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Well, if you talk about it, what does she say?

Does she say that things are fading, for her, or is that just in your mind?

And do you also tell her about your fears, that you might be losing her?

Basically, it would be hard for us to speculate, because lots of things might be happening. You have more information at this point than we do.

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Meh, I remember a fair amount and I know where to look up the rest. :-)

I could recite the 40 digits of pi I learned in middle school, but all that would prove was that I was a dork at 14.

Well, for all we know, there is something wrong; we just don't know what it is, yet. No one says you're crazy. But it's really easy to convince ourselves of the worst explanation for stuff that isn't even connected.

Have you suggested couple counseling to your wife?

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