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keeping myself asleep


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trying to cope with the car wreck , so I been messing around with my meds .. T o sleep as long as I can . I do not want to be here on the face of the earth , but since I am , I have to cope .

Nothing is turning out well right now, and I want to sleep the time away , forget about living .

History of clinical depresion , and it is easy to jack up my meds to sleep as long as possible , do not want to do anything but that .

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Hey Cathy I'm sorry you feel that way but you have had a lot to deal with. Is there someone you can reach out to help?

How is it going with handling the car and the insurance? Someone totalled our van not too long ago and if it wasnt for my husband handling it all I wouldnt have done it at all. So I hope you get some help in making sure you get the right amount for the accident.

And I understand the sleep thing I wish I could just sleep life away but we both know it's not the answer right??? So somewhere we have to pull out some magical coping skills to use everyday..... :D

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that is the whole problem , the damn car . the chp , officers would not allow my brother to talk to the people .... + their computors have been down at the CHP office's. I am feeling stuck , and it is getting to me .

I need to get the other people's information which ought to be in the report.

I had full coverage, however they are not helping me because my brother was driving the car ....stupid isn't it ?

as far as coping i can barely function , so upset about all this mess. plus the people storing my car want to place a lien on my car if the dmv does not sign a paper.

i truely am at wits end ... :(

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I finally got a hold of the other insurance carrier , and made a claim against them. THINGS ARE FINALLY MOVING FORWARD ON THE CAR, WHICH HAS left me feeling a lot less upset and depressed . I do not need to foll around with my meds anymore , at least for now.

Fooling around with my medsmade me just sleep all day long , because of what I take , here is hoping that the other insurance company finds that they are liable for the loss and damage of my car.

Gosh , it has been emotionally miserable lately for me . I do not pray , but feel like it might calm my nerves having devine intervention on my side .

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Science knows surprisingly little about neurochemistry. If you read most psych meds package inserts they say something like "The mechanism of action is unknown. It is postulated that...etc". Prescribing of these meds is done on the empirical evidence that it helps more than placebo, even if we don't know how. In addition, neurochemistry varies subtly with each individual and is never static anyway. It's a complicated business. :(

And on that cheery note, we now return to MsCat's thread. :rolleyes:

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I had a visist from a case manager that works for kingsview , the place I get help from. She sometimes stops by to see how I am dooing , especially if I had missed therapy ,which I did because I had no way of getting there from the car wreck.

She is so nice, I having been feeling terribly depressed , and cried in front of her. The meds have not eased the pain . She got me out of the apt though, helped me pick up my meds , and bought me a soda .

It helps to know that people care an are concerned .

I figure that the car is going to take time to sort through the mess , and I have to be strong . it is hard when all my energy is gone and i'll I want to do is sleep , wait to die .

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Hi Cathy, I'm sorry your having a bad day, although it sounds like the case manager did uplift your spirits. Some times it's just like that...thing on top of thing on top of thing. I hate those times! When I was young I used to think I'll just do this one thing and then everything will be well again But then I realized that life is just sometimes like that, and you have to ride the zuvuya until the wave subsides.... I do hope it subsides for you soon.

You are a strong and courageous woman Cathy, tired perhaps, but courageous and strong to have gotten this far. We are with you, and we'll help you through this tough time. I'll put in a special prayer to the automotive gods, asking that your car situation gets worked out soon... :)

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thanks you guys. the case manager asked me if I ought ot go to the hospital yesterday, I was so low, and even started to cry , kind of lost it in front of her. I said NO HOSPITAL though, she askes me why , I told her because of my dogs and my son.

IT is a better day , my son is at home which always helps me keep busy and feel better .

She told me to write down each day 3 things that I am grateful for . SO today I shall start .

1. my son

2, my family

3 . my dogs

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I'm so glad to hear you are doing better today Cat. I think gratitude is very healthy daily practice, so I'll join you with my 3 things I'm grateful for :-)

- I'm grateful for my cappucino machine :)

- I'm grateful for my home, where I am comfortable and safe from the elements (it's cold and rainy here today...)

- I'm grateful for you all, knights of courage and compassion

That felt good....

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Hi Cathy,

I once did a gratitude list, but turned my difficulties into things that signaled what I should be grateful for. The list made a huge difference in how I viewed problems afterwards and in my life. For example:

  • I'm grateful I have heating bills to pay because it also means I have roof over my head and a comfortable and safe place to sleep
  • I'm grateful I have a car payment b/c it means I own a car
  • I'm grateful for my traumas b/c it means I survived and use it for good

And so I took my problems and turned them into positive life statements that gave me perspective I so often lost when I became overwhelmed. Losing perspective also meant the glass was not 1/2 empty as most people are apt to say, but 3/4 or 90% empty. So if you tried this, or anyone for that matter, what would your gratitude list look like below:

  • I'm grateful for ___________________________________
  • I'm grateful for____________________________________
  • I'm grateful for ___________________________________

I hope this helps and I'm glad you're feeling better,


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