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CBT works for me

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Having spent almost 1 year now in Therapy (mostly cbt) sometimes I felt that I was just not "getting it".

Over the past while I have had a number of very stressful situations and my stratagies have automatically kicked in. I have had tearful moments but I have not slipped back into depression as has happened in the past.

It may have taken me a bit longer than most, but I am finally confident that this method works. It has literally saved my life.


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Good for you Goose!!! I am really happy to hear you have something that is working and that you finally "get it".

That may or not be true to the rest of us, CBT and I don't do to well together...

I guess I rebel too much and changing of the moods really get in the way of any progress....

So not dipping back down into depression is something you should feel really good about. And although this may not always and forever be the case, I hope you recognise that if you do ever dip down that it is ok and I know you will find the strength to keep moving up. Fight Like a Girl!!! :):)

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I think it works for me too, unless the hormones take over my mind :eek: I am feeling much better than I was a month ago because of it, although I'm trying to work it on my own so it may take even longer than you Goose... I guess I'll really know once I face another of life's surprise stressful situations - for now the waters are calm and all is well in the psychological neighbourhood...

We are glad that your life has been saved and you are still with us :-)

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