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This happens to me all of the time too. I usually hit the preview button before I send the message, though, so I am able to sign back in without losing the message. The best way to prevent this from happening is to type your message on something such as notepad or word and then copy and paste it on the site. I also find it very aggravating losing stuff that I've typed out carefully. I'm sorry this happened, Endless Night. :D

You can refer to Mark's post in the Announcements section and it will give you some more information about why this happens and what to do about it. Hope this helps some.

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Oh this has happened several times to me too, M! :) I sometimes just dissolve in tears of frustration and disappointment. Like IrmaJean said, I now type everything into Word first and save often and then copy and paste. I also always Preview (that's the proofreader in me). This has cut down considerably on THAT problem at least.

The 'meaning of life' problem is taking a bit longer...:D

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