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Here's my situation. I just turned 25 and I lost my first job as a teacher in May. Part of the reason I lost my job was because there would be days when I would have episodes where I was so depressed I couldn't handle my job. I've been having episodes like this since I was in high school. These episodes seem to be getting worse. There have been numerous times when I have thought about (not attempted) suicide. I'm afraid that someday I actually will attempt suicde. The last episode I had, I actually had this urge to cut myself. I've seen two different counselors. I stopped seeing both of them because I felt like I was paying money for something that just wasn't helping at all. No one has diagnosed me with anything.

My question is, what can I do about this? I really need help but I feel like every person I go to either doesn't know what to do about it or basically just tells me that I need to think positive thoughts.

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Welcome to our community.

There's lots to know about depression and how it can be treated. I suggest you start by reading our Depression article - it's long but it covers most everything you would need to know to make intelligent decisions about depression treatment.

There are many different forms of counseling/therapy, and most of them are not very focused, or are of limited help with regard to treating depression. that's unfortunate, but that is also the case. If you want to specifically get help for depressive moods through a psychotherapy format, you are best off looking for a therapist who specializes in offering one of the empirically validated therapies for depression. These are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or Cognitive Therapy), and Interpersonal Therapy. CBT therapy has been scientifically studied and are known to work as well as medications in the short term, and in the long term they work better. Interpersonal Therapy has also been shown to work but I don't know how it compares to medication.

Speaking of which, have you tried any antidepressant medication? Have you been to see a doctor to see if you fit the diagnosis of depression or if there might be some physical reason that is causing you to feel so badly? Starting with a visit to see a psychiatrist might not be a bad way to go.

What are these episodes like when you feel depressed?

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Thanks for shedding some light on my situation. I haven't seen a doctor about it and I haven't tried antidepressants. I just always assumed that the counselors would know more than the doctor, but I guess I should see him.

The best way to describe the episodes would be that they are moments of extreme depression where I just feel absolutely hopeless. I basically feel like my whole life is pointless and I'm a failure at everything I do. When I was younger they wouldn't last too long but now they seem to last for hours.

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Hi Mark & Musician, I have been diagnosed with Manic Depression and I can honestly say Musician, I know where your coming from? You see, I suffer terrible mood swings but the best of it is that I don't know when my mood is going to swing for the worst. One minute I'm fine, then the next, I just fly of the handle. I have my guard up at all times, not trusting anyone! My two son's say that I must compromise when I meet new people, stateing that I musn't judge a book by it's cover (in other words, every one is not the same). Unlike you, I have tried to take my own life and believe me Musician, YOU NEED HELP! In my opinion you need to talk to some one who is going to get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM! Obviously, your minds not how it should be. I don't know how things work over there in the States, but here in the U.K. you would first go and see your G.P. and explain what/how you are feeling. Whether you are suffering any crisis: Unemployment,death in the family, Financial worries, Homeless, Family troubles Or just feeling genuinly Depressed. Usually there's something that triggers you feeling the way you are. Sometimes you are not aware that something has triggered the way you are feeling. Either way, over here your G.P. would prescribe you with a Months supply of Anti-Depressants and then would want to see you. He would assess you to see if you needed to see a Physiatrist or whether you was a danger to your self or not. Meaning, if you are likely to cause harm to yourself (suicide attempt, self harm) or a danger to the public. He would try and judge the mental state of your mind. But you need to be honest with him about everything. There, there to help you and if your not going to tell him everything, and I mean everything! Then putting it bluntly! You're going to be peeing against the wind. You've got the hardest job out of the way,being that you've admitted that there is something wrong with you. Now it's finding the right Doctor and the right way to tell him without him thinking that your crazy! All you can do is one step at a time! First thing first. Make an Appointment with your local G.P. and take things from there? I hope things work out with you. I don't want to go into this to deeply at the moment till you have been diagnosed. I can only offer you advice on my past events and this might not be what your looking for? Keep us posted on how you get on. Take care! Paula.

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