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"A new comedy about guys with one tiny problem"

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So glad we can be a source of amusement for so many people. If there is a god, and he/she/it is reading this post.....please let today be the day.....please.

So you read measurerection:) Im not keen on that site, too much interest from the fruiters.

1. This play could be a thoughtful retrospective on small man issues, bringing enlightenment to the masses, who will then give us small's an easier ride, or

2. This play will bring home to women that men with small penis's are completely useless individuals who are useless in bed and no good to no one. In which case all men with small penis's should be given suicide pills to end thier misery and most importantly stop them from selfishly breeding more sons to pass thier defect onto.

Two perspectives, both probably right, however No:1 is the easiest to live with. As David says "we choose our poison". We do ourselves the most damage beating ourselves up over something we cannot change.

It appears you are still as angry and upset as ever LL, and I can sympathise with that position. Maybe as you cannot accept your size, is it not time to think "maybe I will never have a relationship with a women. In which case it is time to start making a life as a single man" At least this might allow you to build some kind of life. However, I do believe life is shit on the whole, and I'm not convinced by my own words. I have set some goals, and I will reevaluate my life when I achieve them.

If your life is crap, then you have to do something about it, either positive or negative, otherwise the misery just continues. I know you have the brains LL to think your way forward, you just have to make a start.

Sanctomoneous sermon over:rolleyes: What happened with the therapy? did you get in, or done something else?

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People will always consider small dicks funny and we will always be the center of jokes and rejection by women as a result.

One thing I've noticed is that once there is any opening for additional negative thoughts, they seem to start taking off again in your mind. You're generalizing here, Recluse, and focusing on the negative. Not all people would think it's funny and not every woman would reject you.

I sometimes feel that my voice here is a whisper of hopefulness within the screams of despair. I know others must feel as I do. Why not hear what is positive or at least give it equal weight?

Lifeless, I do hope that you have some motivation to move through this and get well. I'm sorry that mental health care where you are living has not been very beneficial. Did you ever get back to see the therapist?

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The past couple of days I've actually found myself wishing my folks would hurry up and die so I can check myself out without guilt.

Again LL, I am ashamed to say I have been in that same place for many years, having had that exact same thought, "why wont they just fu£$^&* die, so I can" I know exactly the torture you are putting yourself through. You will surprise yourself with the amount of self hate, shame, anger that you can throw at yourself and still carry on living in complete misery. I have had suicidal thoughts everyday for over 30 years, but always lacked the courage to do it. If I lived in the US and had access to guns, I think I might of done it, the appeal of an instant quick fix was and is very appealing to me, even now, when Im in a far more positive place than I have ever been.

For guilt, I'm reading love and respect. You're dad is a vet and deserves better than attending his own sons funeral. I think you realise that suicide is really not an option for you, which will make you even more angry, because you cant even do that (exactly those thoughts) Meaning you have to live this shit life untill its end, making you even more angry. I had exactly the same thoughts. But when it finally hit home that I did not have the balls to jump from that bridge, I realised for real that at the age of 45 I had to do something different

I sincerly hope Lifeless, that one of these dark days you will come to the same conclusion as I, and start looking for something new.

It is hard, really hard, but it is a lot better than it used to be.

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That play sounds tasteless in so many ways. First it's bigoted against the Irish, and then it basically kicks around people who have endured a life of being kicked around, because of something they have no control over -- a body part.

Imagine a play that mocked the handicapped.

I was thinking about this point the other day: do women really need larger penises, or is it chiefly societal programming like this that makes them only think they need large penis guys?

Because generally it seems to be younger women who are the most size-centric and probably a majority of those women know very little about their actual sexual needs anyways since they are young, virgins, recent virgins, etc. I suspect they formulate their own criteria based on what's been force fed to them by the media.

Plays like this, movies with the same messages, Sex in the City, Allie McBeal, advertising messages that play up on penis size to make a point, ... Women have been programmed by society to believe that a small dick man is an embarrassment to get stuck with; an unfortunate situation. I wonder if media cut all this kind of degradation out if women's views wouldn't slowly shift away from the necessity of large penises?

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You will surprise yourself with the amount of self hate, shame, anger that you can throw at yourself and still carry on living in complete misery.

As someone who also made the decision not to jump, it doesn't surprise me.

What surprises me is that when a person stops throwing self hate, shame, and anger at themselves, how easy it is to carry on living in something that at least resembles happiness.

I got to the point of jumping, and stopped myself, for different reasons than may apply in this particular forum, but the basic mechanism is the same: don't believe everything you hear about yourself, especially the negative stuff, even if it's you saying it.

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Here's what the play says it's about:

What “The Irish Curse” is – and how it manifests itself – is the raw centerpiece of this wicked, rollicking and very funny new play. From its blistering language to its brutally honest look at sex and body image, “The Irish Curse” is a revealing portrait of how men, and society, define masculinity. In doing so, it dares to pose the fundamental question that has been on the minds of men since the beginning of time: “Do I measure up to the next guy?”

Size matters to Joseph Flaherty, Stephen Fitzgerald, Rick Baldwin and Kevin Shaunessy. This small group of Irish-American men (all professionally successful New Yorkers) meet every Wednesday night, in a Catholic church basement, at a self-help group for men with small penises. This allegedly Irish trait is the focus of their weekly whining and bitching as they feel this "shortcoming" has ruined their lives.

One evening, when a twenty-something blue-collar guy joins the group, he challenges everything the other men thought about "the Irish curse" ...tackling their obsession with body image and unmasking the comical and truthful questions of identity, masculinity, sex, relationships, and social status that define their lives.

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But that one huge void and the hurt that it causes were still there. The joy of what I did have was never great enough to displace the pain of what I couldn't have. We're talking about one of our biggest human needs going unfulfilled. This isn't something that a person can just "get over" and carry on. There's nothing else for me to do now but wait to die.

Well, in a way, all of us are "waiting to die". But instead of focusing on my death, I want to focus on living my life right now.

Lifeless, do you have a very difficult time with loss? I do too, but I am much better with this now. When you were feeling joy in being with your girlfriend what aspects of yourself did you like? Even though she is now gone, what she brought out in you remains with you. Do you feel "stuck" within that loss?

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What use is there in doing something different if the end result is always going to be the same? I can't have what is truly important in life no matter what I do. I'm going to be just as unhappy whether I just sit here and wait to die or if I try to do something different. I've been there. I've lived it. I had everything else. But that one huge void and the hurt that it causes were still there. The joy of what I did have was never great enough to displace the pain of what I couldn't have. We're talking about one of our biggest human needs going unfulfilled. This isn't something that a person can just "get over" and carry on. There's nothing else for me to do now but wait to die.

I've had the house, car, clothes, cash, travelled the world, dived all five oceans in all seasons, worked on yachts, seen the pyrmids, ankcar watt, xchin itsa, dived with great whites, giant mantas, dolphins, whale sharks blah blah. And I did it all with the anger and hate that I have always carried. I dont get excited by stuff, I dont have fear, as Im already dead, to date I have wasted a life that most would envy. So I know what you mean when you say it doesn't matter because you've had the good stuff and were still miserable, so did I. You are in that place where nothing else exists but the pain of your own anger, I was in that place for 30 years. You think you cant take any more, but you will, and you will keep taking it, and nothing anyone will say, will have any effect on you at all. Because your mind is so closed to the outside world you can only live in misery.

Do you accept the logic, that the only thing about your situation you can change is your mind?

Anser the question. I'm not having a go at you LL. I see myself in your posts, and I see a young man wasting his life in misery exactly as I have done. You are the only one who can save yourself.

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I disagree with you about your chances, LE, but I won't ever talk you into believing. Belief comes from the inside.

I feel for you, though. Whatever humiliation you've suffered must have been very painful.

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