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?: How does childhood ODD translate to adults?


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Good morning Dahli,

Untreated ODD sometimes progresses to Conduct Disorder in adolescence and if left untreated, may (not always) progress to Antisocial Personality Disorder, which also tends to abate, but later in life-- around the mid 40's-60's.

Essentially what we've seen in our work over the past 30 years, is that kids with ODD symptoms progress at times if parents or caretakers are not authoritative (not authoritarian). ODD can be easily managed within 3-6 months with an excellent home-based program of :

1) Much structure and routine

2) Clear and unequivocal house rules, expectations and boundaries

3) Extremely consistent followthrough on rules and expectations

4) The setting of behavior contracts and working very closely with the school

This is a tough place to be, to have a child with ODD. While some research suggests that much of it is bilogically based, our experience suggests that excellent parenting can undo nature/biology within months.

Good luck ad I hope this helps,


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