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I have written before about the car accident .... and now know it is totaled. I am now stuck waiting to hear how much the payout is going to be on my car . It was a Camry . I am so sad and frustrated beyond belief .

I have missed 3 weeks of therapy because I can't get there . Then the counseling center sends out a social worker to "check" on me on Fridays when I can't see my therapist .

I have no hot water , the water heater is broken and the apt staff are away , out of town on meetings. I have very little money because it is towards the end of the month .

I am all alone, frustrated , and at my breaking point. Barely able to function right now , and if I SI , I'd feel so much better . It is too late to do that today , because my kid gets out of school soon.

I need something positive to happen . Because , right now things look absolutely bleak. Even the weather is bleak , were headed for a storm. crap when it rains it really does pour.

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Hi. I'm hoping that you get that 'positive' real soon so you can focus on that and not feel that everything is so bleak.

Honestly, I'm afraid that an attempt to 'be encouraging' would a bunch of sunny optimsim on my part right now...when I'm really low (I might need to get more optimistic but it's the last thing I want to hear, especially from someone who doesn't 'really' know me) so I'm not gonna do that!:)

Hoping your 'positive' hurries up for you. ((HUGS))

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Hi Cathy, Sorry you're having a tough time. Cars problems are such a pain, and they have such an impact on our capacity to be mobile ... then the water heater problem. I've always wondered why it always seems to happen that way, you get one thing happen, then it's another, and another, and then you feel like you want to tear your hair out!:eek:

Just remember that things do eventually work themselves out, even if sometimes it takes a little time. Come back to us when you feel like you can't take anymore, we'll help you keep a full head of hair... :)

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do take on a different point of view. Things do have a way of working out. Wish the weather was better so you could get out with the animals; that helps sometime. I've been through it all before -- the no hot water and all. You don't have an emergency number you can call for the company to yell and complain? If not you have to boil water until Monday, and I know that is a drag. And the car -- call them and yell too and the insurance company. It's Friday, put some turmoil under their skin too, if it helps you change moods. :) I do sometimes. It will help you feel better. Let it out to them, what is bothering you. Do not just sit and mope about.

Hope you feel better.:)

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brother fixed the water heater last night > STill no deal on how much they will payout for the car , trust me, I;ve called every single day . Yes, it seems like all hell breaks lose at the same time , and I am at my wits end, done everything possible to make this go smoother.

I did talk to my therapist on the phone yesterday. Missed 3 weeks cause I can't get there. Things got to turn around , cause yes I do feel like pulling my hair out, and their is a lot to pull :P

have done as well taking all those pills the Pdoc wants me to , their are so many , and I got behind , probably not helpful .

sorry if this seems to be all about complaining ,I have just nobody to talkk to or go when things get bad.

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Guest ASchwartz

Dear Mscat,

In an attempt to cheer you I will attempt a little humor by saying that, at least you have lots of hair to pull out...I don't so, what do I do?:D


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