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Finding your skills??


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Hey everyone :)

So I've come to a rut.. well a very long rut but oh well .. lately I've just been feeling like I'm not good at anything.. I don't really have anything that I'm passionate about or feel like Im good at.. How does one find that within themselves?? I thought I knew you know.. but stuff happens and then everything is so unclear.. People tell me.. " You have a lot to offer " .. well what exactly is that .. I know that everyone has a purpose in life and everyone is good at SOMETHING, but it's such a discouraging feeling when you feel like you are just no good.. I don't know how to find myself.. I've started this yoga class & I love nature.. but that's just things I'm interested in.. I just feel so I don't know.. little about myself.. It's also hard when you aren;t getting the support from your own family.. I just want to find my place.. find my talents and strenghts.. right now I feel like I just have nothing.. what do you guys think is a good way to find your talents/skills??

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I think this is a central life issue in life, at least it is for me. We need to do what makes us happy. It isn't always possible to make a living from our interests which means we compromise and do something to earn the money we need, to enable us to survive so we can pursue our real interest. (My passion is my art and my "day job' - when I have one - is for paying bills SO that I can pursue my art in the time that's left.) Ideally you would make a living from a main interest, of course.

Here is your clue:

I've started this yoga class & I love nature.. but that's just things I'm interested in..

Don't dismiss what you're interested in, That's where to look. :)

I didn't find it right away. I envy those who know from early on.

Good luck.

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Good morning Forget,

Luna is right, this seems to be one of life's core questions, especially b/c in Western culture, our self image, esteem and emotional wellbeing is so closely tied to our work and profession.

If I was struggling with this, my fist order of business would be to take the Myers Briggs (you can do this on-line), or the Strong Campbell Inventory. Armed with that information, begin looking at which personality types generall end up in which professions. These should be extremely helpful in helping you hone in on what areas you would find deep fulfillment (not necessarily success) in, and then begin exploring the options. The Myers Briggs is also very helpful in choosing a life mate.

The issue may not be that one is not good at anything but that one is not good at where and what they are doing and simply need to re-open that box to explore other options. It's amazing what happens when you retool and find you're in the right place. I would be miserable as an electrician or carpenter if it was my livelihood, same thing for mechanic or accountant, but too many people end up, by shear default, in the wrong areas and then suffer quietly as opposed to stepping out.

Good luck and I hope this helps,


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