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i think i found jesus


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wow, wow, wow

i know this may sound weird, but I think I found Jesus.

if not Jesus, I think a lot of the gospels suddenly some how make sense to me, as when I was once a young kid, they didn't, they seemed foolish, but some how I think my training has brought me to where I need to really 'understand' and 'connect' with the gospel.

I don't think when you are kid and growing up you can really grasp the concepts until you go through your life and get to a point where it makes sense which if you are fortunate enough to get there is really miraculous.

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Being awaked ... I really believe everyone of us is called to <awaken> to our spiritual reality. I agree that most of time, as kids, we are taught religious concepts but we don't really get what they mean. They often feel like stories handed down. But then as we grow and mature, our understanding of things change so that when we read the bible again for example, suddenly there is a whole truth there we had not seen or understood before. It is a if a veil has been taken away from before our eyes and we can see for the first time. I found that when I first read Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i faith. I could not believe what I was reading and what it was doing to me, how my awareness expanded so quickly and my heart was transformed. It is a wonderful thing to awaken spriritually, there is nothing to compare with it ... it's putting the new knowledge and insight into practice that is always the challenge :P

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The most fascinating part is that he was within you at all times.

My Uncle Enrique (a very wise elderly sage who died about 20 years ago) used to say that for him, “Every part of the the soil is sacred, every needle of the saguaro cactus is sacred, ,… every branch of the mesquite bush. Every bird and tarantula, every bug and insect, everything is sacred and holy to my people.” This was my introduction to a spiritual life in Latin America where we had managed to combine Christianity with Native American (from Latin America) beliefs over the centuries.

A 13 year old once asked Ghandi why there were so many religions. Ghandi responded that there is one true God/Holy Being that is likened to a tree trunk. From this trunk emerge many branches, and from these branches come out even smaller branches until finally, you see the leaf.

The leaf clings to it’s branch (not branches) for survival (and meaning, purpose and fulfillment of their core spiritual life). For Ghandi, each branch was designed to meet the needs of each leaf. A leaf clung to a branch, which was connected to a larger branch and eventually to the trunk: ergo, one Holy Being, many diverging views to support the experience of each leaf--- but always, one truth (trunk). My Uncle once told me that truth has many sides and infinite truth has infinite forms of expression and experience,… and though the sages and wisest of spiritual leaders may speak with different sounding voices, they still are expressing the same truth.

In Hinduism they say that like the bee gathering honey from different flowers, the wise man accepts the essence of different scriptures and sees only the good in all religions,…. “As men approach Me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to Me.”

I know at my most deepest levels that the most transcendental of believers, those who are spiritually rich and gifted, can come from many religions,… every religion has led its most devout and sincere believers to transcendental knowledge and realization of a supreme and absolute reality. Do you remember reading the Buddhist tale about the six blind men and the elephant? It applies here.

TTjack, I realize my views are hardly mainstream, but mainstream views in the US would be foreign to my family and >90% of the world's population. I am happy for your discovery, and as my Uncle would then say: "You now know the truth, what is it that you will do with it? [Tu saves la verdad... ahora que haces, Mijo?]"


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Perhaps not mainstream here in the US, David, but I find those thoughts very meaningful. It speaks to acceptance of diversity, while also recognizing that we're all connected at the very same place. I find this symbolic and valuable in all respects. This is something which I have often tried to express, but have been largely unsuccessful at conveying to others the emotions which my heart holds. It rings true with me.

Ttjack, I think when we grow emotionally as human beings and we are better able to connect with ourselves, things which we hadn't seen before often become quite clear to us. Spiritual growth can be very fulfilling, so this is wonderful for you. I hope that you continue on this healing path.

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David O - well put. I think spirituality is very individual experience. However you connect with that side of life is for yours and yours alone.

What really connected for me was the tremendous amount of guilt I felt over events in my past, and after a lot of effort and research I finally connected my overwhelming guilt to the need to be forgiven, because frankly I been running all over the united states looking for it. When I finally really felt the need for forgiveness, and researched it to understand it better, I really got it, I really connected with the story, and I really understand how that works. The next shift is forgiving others once I got to that point and was shocked at how easily I could forgive understanding what I understand now.

I think it was the feelings I was looking for all along. IT just took a REAL LONG TIME AND COMMITMENT TO NAIL IT. And after so many perspectives and feelings and ideas didn't really click, this one clicked. I suddenly literally felt ok with life and centered. I really felt it. I can't believe it.

I've read that once you feel that its one of the best things to feel, and I must say the ease I feel on the inside is tremendous.

What really makes me connect with Jesus and why I really get it is because we're human, we make mistakes, and the mistakes and pain we feel or at least I felt was a signal I believe to call me closer to God, but I didn't know how to interpret that, and I was to angry, selfish, in lust, preoccupied, had an overly inflated ego, and whatever else comes along with that to really connect with it.

the biggest thing about forgiveness is well you don't forget, and just like the lessons go God doesn't forget, but he doesn't hold it against you because he knows we're human, and because of his only son who was sacrificed for our connection, I just believe really makes a lot of sense. its huge.

when it comes to other religions this story really speaks to me more and i really connect with it. there are other religions and beliefs, but this one is mine. for everything else out there and all the variety rock on.

its just a wow for me.

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