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a CBT/ Kindling ? ...I guess.


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Where to begin with my question...

Okay, I feel like I have been doing pretty well with adjusting my thinking so my depression isn't so bad...With the exception of last week, which was the lowest I have felt in some time. In retrospect I had ignored (not acted or shared) the signs I was getting a little above my "comfortable/safe (hypo)manic" area. I was getting loose with spending, craving alcohol and my sex drive was up...not enough to become a serious issue obvious to anyone but me, but I'd noticed.

Normally, everyone around me love that hypomanic person, I know Hubby would like her here permanently ;)...I'm happy, perky, super-organized, keep everything spotless. (He also enjoys the 'benefits' of me getting a little more manic...but danger there is adding another little one to bunch.)

So, what can I do (medication aside) to work on controlling mania?? This I guess is where kindling would come into play (???) ? With the arrival of UURC within last couple years sometime...There are several factors that might be factors:

*Sleep, with infants/toddlers since 2006...yes, regular uninterrupted sleep has been non-existent.

* Stress/frustration, with pre-teens/teens...now toddlers. I noticed when I get overwhelmed I get manic more and not the nice happy manic...Raging manic (which I had only once or twice before last few years...also, I can switch toward rage in depression but WAY more likely in manic)

* Caffeine use, I cringe to share that I am currently consuming between 12-20 cans of Diet Coke daily:eek:. I am desperate to quit this, pdoc thinks that it has been my way of self-medication with ADHD (and probably pain w/fibromyalgia) I have been been begging to be prescribed something to help with focus and but he's been trying to work on mood stabilizer first. All that caffeine, aspartame, and the havoc it causes on my dental and physical health...YIKES!!!

So I guess in regards to kindling...Could I get some thoughts on common culprits in case I am missing out on catching some? How do you help curve off mania (non-medicinally)?? Could you use CBT here? ...Any advise on tackling the caffeine demon?

I am:

*Getting longer uninterrupted sleep since 2 youngest now both sleep through the night.

*have been working hard on using and learning new parenting skills for dealing with challenging kids.

*Well, caffeine..not doing so great...I having a hard time letting go...tried mixing in un-caffeinated. Not ready to let this crutch...but I want to. ;)

Much appreciated!:)

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Hi Momma I think you are already handling it by KNOWING whats going on. If you and your family set paramenters for your manic behavior then there help will help then understand how you get. My "safety plan" is at the depression side but also if I am too manic I cant drive.

Just knowing someone is watching and making sure it doesn't get out of hand helps too. In some ways we have reverted to little children again and needing guidance from now our husband or family to help keep us in check whether it is depression or mania...

Hope you get through your mania and I get through my depression. :)

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