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Is it depression?


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I have been learning the CBT tequniques but in recent weeks appart from the occasional low I have felt pretty okay and ocasionally absolutly fine. Ok, I'm gonna spill my guts, I'm a girl and my monthly visitor has always been very irregular, I havent really ever had to many symptoms either just cramp. But this time I have been overly emotional and in a 'bad mood'. Whilst driving to work I burst in to tears for absolutly no reason that I can think of.

With CBT I'm suposed to be practacing chalenging my negative thoughts but how can I chalenge something I cant understand? :s Is this just my hormones or am I missing something?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Kalima,

I am not sure of other readers but I am not sure I understand your question. You say that you are learning and using CBT and are feeling better. Then you say that you cry on your way to work and that your "visitor," I assume your Period, is always irregular. What is it you do not understand? What is it you are upset about? What are the thoughts you report having? Could you clarify?


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Guest Megan

I was irregular when I had periods as well, and I often got weepy and depressed. The weeping usually happened right before. Then when my period came, it was like, "a-ha", that's what it is! They have pills these days where it causes you to have only 4 periods a year. You might be interested in talking to your doctor about it.

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