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struggling with autistic son...


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Hi Linda I really feel for you. Having a special needs child is really difficult. My son (just 17) has ADHD and learning difficulties. We have always had to make decisions about outings and holidays with his dificulties in mind. Our first question always was , "Is there something there for M. "

We always chose holidays where there was plenty of safe outside space for him, plenty of activities on hand.

I once brought my 3 children to a museum, my daughter was interested in the Egyptian Exhibition that was on there, but my son was so hyper it really was impossible to enjoy it.

I did get into the habit, when shopping, of taking them one at a time, and this seemed to work well for me. They all got their turn and there was no major hassle.


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Hi Linda,

One of my children was special needs, diagnosed ADHD and asthma. He says now he relates more to the symptoms of autism than anything now. He is in a doctorate program now, and being quite successful, I believe. He travels and does conferences and presentations.

Linda, I know how difficult it is. All the feelings, and issues to be dealt with. It was ongoing. In high school one teacher focused on his abilities in one subject, and away he did go. I was sooo happy!

Hang in there.



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Linda, I only have one child , autistic, with cognitive delays. Yes , it is difficult sometimes .... but remember the good times . I admire you for having 7 kids , and then tring to take care of yourself as well. yOU have a full plate . All we can do is the best that we can , and deal with the embarassing behaviors as well as to be expected .


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