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I cant stand up to dominant ppl


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My son is 4 and still struggling, i think the one reason is he is at the cresh and i dnt see him the whole time. The lady at the cresh wants me to send diapers with sothat he can sleep with them. I dnt want to send him with it. She refuses other wise. Its a fantastic cresh bt as in my mothers case i dnt have it in me to stand up to them and win. I did try bt they always enforce themselves. Last time i wanted to just talk and repremand my son and he started to scream. My mother bursted in telling me to go and eat. I told her i didnt do anything with him and he just started to scream cuz i took him to his room. She shouted at me telling me i must go and eat and that i must take it out on him, bt i didnt! Im 30 bt my mother wont step down. Shes causing marrige probl and my m.i.l believes my son doesnt listen to me or anyone! I really feel like moving far away. I know the problem is with me, cuz i dnt have it in me. I then feel dissapointed in myself . Sometimes words scatter around in my head, unable to come at the right time or the right order. Im always trying to adjust to ppl and please or win their approval. I dnt think alot about myself in this regard and i just want to hide that part of me sothat others dnt realise im actually pathetic and i eather avoid them emotionally and mentally or even physically. I really want friends bt this wall or chain is keeping me back. Anxiety before and dissapointment after. I just dnt know if its worth it. I want my kids to have friends bt i am not able to teach them

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Hi Sweetmom,

In a previous thread you started, I posted the following comment : "My hope is that you will respond to the various posts here as there is an emerging pattern of this not happening after you've written in, which leaves us increasingly more concerned and a bit confused." True to form, you did not respond to others then and the pattern has now become more evident.

I'm not sure about others, but I'm confused-- you begin new threads, ask for help and then don't respond after several members have attempted to help. Given this, I'm reluctant to make suggestions or offer recommendations since I'm not sure if you're revisiting the threads you start or are listening to what others say. It's as if we're talking to a ghost.:confused:

Can you talk about this before you keep opening more threads? It would help us understand and maybe offer better suggestions, and be more compassionate and sensitive to your situations.

Trying to be understanding,


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