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why does my head and my chest hurt after crying?


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my head weighs a ton and my eyes are swollen and half-blind. I cried a lot and and i felt as if my chest would burst. i could explain my eyes but i couldn't explain the feeling in my chest. it isn't the first time but if it happens again i would like to know how to cope with it because it is making me suicidal. why does this happen? :confused: i also have very bad mood swings and i tend to stick in one mood for a long time. if i am happy, i am very happy and if i get depressed, it would take weeks to come off. Same goes if i get angry -although i will try to change but i keep grudges and am constantly reminded of negative happenings. is there any way to improve this without medication?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Vesta,

I do not know if you are in psychotherapy and are taking medications but it seems to me that both are a good idea. You need help now because you feel so awful. Do you have a psychiatrist and a therapist?


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Hi my name is Bill and I've experienced the heavyness of chest your describing. The Dr.'s go back and forth between depression or anxiety in my case and I think both are true to be honest with you.

Try some deep breathing. What helps me is breathing in while counting to 4 then hold for 4 then out 4 and hold again 4 seconds. It concentrates my attention to my breathing and not the emotional pain. It works for me and I would suggest giving it a try.

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