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A Topic I Like To Avoid


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I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, eh, around 10-11 years old.

In a month I'll be 20...

I like to avoid even the thought of ADHD. It makes me feel like an outcast, and outsider, something along those lines. I can find it distracting me off and on though more and more as my life progresses. Driving seems a bit more difficult each time, school work ((college)) is slow, almost futile without music ((it's my source of inspiration. Soothing techno, ect.)) and relationships... Phew, it's nearly impossible with a bipolar bf..

Well I like to pretend I'm normal. If the topic of ADD/ADHD is brought up I tend to look away. I'm not perfect but I hate admitting I have this stupid burden to carry with me my entire life; that it's only purpose is to distract me from everything I love.

People sometimes have to physically yell at me to make me understand that they are trying to get my attention. It's frustrating.

My sister is an OCD/ROCD. I pity her for that reason, but for some f*cked up twisted reason in my brain I envy her. It makes no sense, and I'm not completely sure what kind of problem this is. I just tend to add my problems as I type, I'm sorry if it's off topic..

Back ON topic, I'm nearly 20, I still live at home, and cannot drive yet. I have my car, but continuously forget what I'm saving money for and blow it all. I even had quite a bit on a 'lock down'; and what do you know-

the money was gone rather quickly.

I currently only have about $40 of my planned $500 stashed away anymore.

I keep having this rushing fear I'll never be able to do anything about this distraction thing. It's always there- whether I like it or not.

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Hi Alxias, I can really relate to what you're saying. I don't have to deal with ADHD issues, but I deal with depression and it too becomes tiresome ...

Have you talked to a specialist about it, someone who can perhaps give you some strategies on how to cope, with driving, or savings, or any other goal you might have?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Alxias,

Well, you know, ADHD does not make you "abnormal." Not at all. You really need to start reading about it and I recommend you start with "Driven to Distraction," Dr. John Ratey, MD.

I urge you to read and learn much, more about ADHD. Believe me, this is nothing for you to feel so bad about.

What is "ROCD?"


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Hi Alxias

I understand your feelings... I get like that when I am hypomanic/manic

I always thought I had a touch of ADHD then was officially diagnosed with bipolar.

I think no matter what the difficualty is, adhd, dyslexia etc. I think that some lifestyle adjustments need to be made according to the problem. So if money is an issue then maybe a family member can handle your money or finances?

If you know your distractions then try to come up with a plan to avoid them and ask others to help you... ADHD is a part of who you are and either medication can help or lifestyle changes could be made to accomodate who YOU are.... :)

good luck:)

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