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Not sure where to put a thread.


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If no one minds I was going to have another brain ramble about somethings that are bothering me. As far as I can see though it kind of encompasses several topics.

I thought maybe I should put it in general support? Hopefully it will be ok here.

Apologies in advance for the ramblings. I am finding it helpful to put things out in the world rather than keep them in my head.

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This is what the world is here for. :-)

No one minds, at all.

You could also start a blog, if you preferred that. I use mine heavily.

For me, it just depends on whether my primary reason for writing is to help myself, or to help others in a similar situation.

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Yes thats a good idea. Not sure how to do that put sure I can work it out.....

Sometimes I do just need to get it out of my head. I used to keep a diary to help so I guess it's an updated version.

It is also nice sometimes to hear people thoughts on my poorly brain. So yes I guess it depends on the circumstances. I'm still not sure I'm much help to other people so bit quieter on that front.

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You can allow people to comment on your blog. That makes it virtually the same as a forum post except that it's yours, and possibly a bit less visible to passersby.

Even a post about your own troubles can be helpful to others. They get to watch (or even read, much later) your process of learning, or to recognize some aspect of their own behavior in yours, whether you do it "better" or "worse" than they do, or simply to realize that they're not alone in what they feel. All without you saying anything directly to them! :-)

As for responding to their problems, specifically: most people don't even want advice. :-) What every one of them needs is to be heard, to know that they've been heard, and some kind of support in their pain. It makes it more effective, not less, if you're not pain-free yourself.

But one thing at a time.

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