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I've been changing emotionally. My emotions have been getting more primal and animalistic. My emotions have changed to things like anger, irritability, hate of people, and hate of being in the vicinity of people. I find people to be disgusting in ways as far as physical and I find their worthless rude behavior unbearable. I can't stand the smell of them, I cant stand to be close to them, I can't stand to hear them when I'm in a bad mood. The problem has been getting worse and worse and I want to learn to make it better even though I learned to hate them.

I've thought about it and I do some things that might help my mood be like this.

1. I hate myself and I tell myself that I hate myself.

2. I listen to disturbing music like... Disturbed, System of a down, Rob Zombie(rarely).

3. I like darker movies say something like the dark night with heath ledger as the Joker. He made me feel evil to the point I was laughing.

4. I tend to be found as weird and I sometimes meditate on the aggressive mood it generates. I know this one helps this mood I get.(Obviously)

Should I stop doing 1 or 2, I know I need to get rid of three. And how do I learn to get to like people again.

P.S. None of this is meant to offend anyone in any way.

sorry for making two it was an accident

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