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there is just so many things that I find hard in life that it really gets to be too much at times. I know that there is worse out there and I try to get it right in my mind that this is not "Bad" it 's just stuff but I am tired of just stuff always and I am tired of just always trying and trying or feeling and feeling I just don't really want to deal with it. And always with it is to many topic's and me just being alone to deal. I feel so alone in this world of which is just me vs. topic's. I can't stand it :(

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Hey nightfalls,

Sounds to me like maybe you're just overwhelmed by life right now.


I've felt that way at times. The thing I found that helped me was to just sit back, talk to myself and decide that I can't worry about everything all the time.

I have finally learned that I can't control most of what happens to me and around me, but I can control how I choose to react to and think about whatever is going on. So I have decided to try and not worry about it.

Please understand I'm not being flip; I used to be extremely frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed, whatever you want to call it. It finally occurred to me that I should try my best to enjoy my life and family. My being "in a state" as some people call it was impacting not only me but my family.

It has been a struggle to come to this point and continues to be a struggle every day to keep from falling back into worrying about everything.

I think we don't give ourselves enough credit for being competent about handling things. The first and to me the most important thing is to be gentle and nice to yourself.


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hi lindamom and confused thankyou.

Everytime life gets more stressful or there is more things going on I have just a hard time to cope, I have been depressed, I don't know if I am now but most likely. I have really strong anxiety that honestly feels will never go away. I have seen a Dr before but have stopped now. I also stopped with therapy. Topics that just are to hard to deal with is money, marrage, kids, self esteem, image, work, resent move, moving away of close ones. it is really overwhelming and I am just trying to keep my head on straight but when "stuff" just keeps going on I don't know how to do it, I feel like I'm going to just snap. the marrage stuff just pushes me to far. I'm in this zone of crappyness and it is almost sufficating each time it gets like this all I can think is "this is to much" and it is not even a spacific thing he is doing, it is just a unsuportive far away I've failed vibe. Everything presses hard but this topic I could find it to much. Some nights if we argue are just unbarable. I think "what do I do, where do I go, what is the point? This is why I stopped talking to a dr. what is the point I know this is dragging me down. Last night was a hard night today to, I know I am not coping I guess I am doing what I think makes me feel better in this but I am scard too. I drink to lower my anxiety but if I get to far I sometimes SI, and I have waves where I try to limit my eating to lose what I choose. I get that this is a spinning mess, I get that other messes are worse, I feel like I'm just a bother but rate now I can't do this.:)

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Hi nightfalls,

it really sounds to me as if you should think about getting some help anew - I'm sure you know drinking and SI'ing aren't good roads to head down. Did you see a psychiatrist before? And when happened that you stopped going to therapy? All the topics and stuff need to be gone through one at a time to see how they can be unpacked; it will take time and patience.

Good luck.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Nightfalls,

I am sorry to hear about your suffering and I am sorry to hear that you have quit therapy and medication. At the same time, I am alarmed:( about the fact that you are drinking. I know it can feel like a temporary solution but the troulbe is that it makes things feel worse. I am urging you to stop drinking.

Do you have ways of soothing yourself? Are there things that you do to feel better, to calm yourself and to make yourself feel good?


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