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How can I get out of this mental trap?

Guest Megan

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Hi Megan. Don't feel like that. I also have put a few post in and not had any reply's. Not of late mind you.

You've got to think! That there are quite a good few people registered on this site and I know by going of the post that Mark, Allan and Natalie, all do their best to try and answer as many post they can. Unfortunately, some people don't get reply's. Like yourself for instance until now. Mark, Allan and Natalie, you all owe me one! Ha! Only kidding Megan. Honestly!

You mention your stress levels, Anxiety. How are you coping? I myself, suffer with terrible Anxiety and stress. Not to mention the Panick attacks that co-inside with it.

I am trying to imagine your situation with regards to meetings and your appointments. You have not really mentioned much of the impact and effect that all this is having on you.

All's I can say Megan is, that if you want to inform me a bit more of the situation then if I can help, I surely will. Even if it is just listening. I'll be here.

I must stress though, that I usually don't come on line until tea time every day. I mean tea time (6.00pm) U.K. time as I live in the U.K. I don't know how many hours forward/back we are from the States. That's presuming that you are in the States.

Look forward to your reply. Take care!

Paula x

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Sorry Megan. I've just read your first post!

When I clicked on your post it just brought me straight to your second post that is why I said that you have not give me much information to go off!

I will await on your reply anyway!

Please accept my apologies!:rolleyes:

Take care! Paula x

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Megan, it really seems to me that you need help and FAST! Not only is your father playing with your Mental State of Mind, But your G.P. also is getting on the band wagon. (showing no remorse).

Your situation clearly indicates that your father is trying to rule your life, even at the age of 48yrs old. Your father has had he's time with bringing you up, in your childhood. It's way past that time now and he should leave you alone if that's what you want? You usually get parents trying to rule your life more often than not, if you are a lonely child. They can't seem to let go. Frightened that they are going to be left alone, but at the end of the day you also have a life.

You are never going to have a life of your own the way he is carrying on! Does he not see what all this is doing to the pair of you? By doing and behaving the way he is, he is in fact, driving a wedge in between you. He's had he's life, so let you have your's. No matter which way you want to have it.

Am I right in thinking that your father wants you to have a relationship with your own brother? Tell me that I am wrong, please! I will not comment any further on this subject until I have had a reply off you.

Regarding your G.P. He should be requesting that various test be carried out to see whether you are Diabetic or not. Testing your Blood sugar, Thyroids, Glands, Hemoglobin etc. Also, to be able to rule out all other possibilities.

He has a duty to follow and should be following this regarding the physical, Mental and well being of he's patients. He must also follow care standard's in he's occupation.

If he is like you say he is, then he should be struck of the list. He shouldn't be doing a job like this if he has no care or concern about the welfare and wellbeing of other's. He's job entails this. It's all part of the job to have a caring nature.

A lot of people put their trust in Doctor's by way of means in giving the right Diagnoses to the ailments that are suffered! I'm afraid that if there is no trust then people are just going to go else where.

I don't know how it works in the States, but over here in the U.K. if you are not happy with your doctor then you can request your Medical Card from him and go and register with a different Doctor. That is if you have followed all the correct procedure by first, trying to sort your differences with your Doctor, and if all else fails then you can write to the head of the board. Giving your reason's to your complaint and if that fails then you can write to the Information's Officer where all the decisions go on further complaints.

At the end of the day Megan, you have your rights! Your rights to Freedom regarding your issues with your Father and your rights to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against, on the lines of Disability! Regarding your Doctor!

No one should be treated the way you have been by anyone! Needless to say by either your father or your doctor and justice should be done! If you don't stand your ground now then you never will and this doctor will keep getting away with the way he treats you and also others.

I hope that this information has been of some use to you? I wish I could of helped more but I'm afraid that I'm out of my jurisdiction regarding the States and the Law! If you was residing in the U.K. then I could of been of more use.

Take care and look forward to your reply! Paula x


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Hi Megan,

Sorry but you've got me all confused here.

You start your post by telling me that the other brother, killed your sister. You could do with starting right from the beginning. I don't mean to be rude but I'm lost! I will pick up where I can and then if I've got anything wrong, then you can correct me on your reply. OK.

To start with. How did your other brother kill your sister? Do you have proof that your brother killed your sister. Do you know that what you are saying is a serious accusation! Megan, before you go broadcasting information like this, you have to have some form of proof! Evidence! The available facts, circumstances, fact or proposition.

Megan, do you know what your saying? Unless you can prove what your saying is true. Then what in the god's name is this so called brother doing still roaming the streets.

Unless it is proven in the eye's of the LAW, Then your brother is Innocent until proven guilty? Do you realise Megan that if your brother/father get any jist of what you are saying on the Internet which is viewed world wide for everyone to see, that they could have you for Slander. Not to mention Deformation of Character!

You also mention in your post that your brother did bad deeds to your sister. Could you please explain what is meant by this?

Also, you state that your father would like you to have a relationship with your brother. Correct me if I'm wrong, but somewhere in your post you actually mention that your brother is married with a family. So how can your father want you to have a relationship with him. Your not telling me that your brother's wife is in all this are you? That is incest and incestuous!

Megan, I am getting different vibes from your post. Have you got more than one brother? Because if you have then I can understand! If not, then I'm lost. If you only have the one brother, then you mentioned that your brother wants nothing to do with your father, previously in the post!

You mention NAMI. What is NAMI? Again Megan, I don't mean to sound rude, but don't forget, I am not from the States. I live in the U.K. Is it some form of Councelling, Therapy etc? Is it an Advocacy? If so then I know what you mean! We have Advocacy's in the U.K. I have a Advocacy allocated to myself. The Advocacy comes under Mental Health, and is under the name of MIND! They are suppost to assist you with Financial Problems etc.

I'm sorry if I have been of no help to you but I feel that I am reading into your post all wrong. It might be better if you could start your story again to me from the beginning. There's parts of your post that I do not understand? Regarding your brother and sister. The relationship that you say that your father wants you to have with your brother. I feel like I'm trying to look into this blind with not knowing the true facts!

Look forward to your reply. Take care! Paula x:confused:

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Hi Megan, I'm sooooo sorry to hear your story. You must be petrified! I know I would be.

How can your mother & father put you through this after losing a daughter to him in the first place. This is obscene!

You want to take your brother & sister's advice and have nothing more to do with your father or brother.

Your father wants you to have a relationship with him because that's what he wanted of your sister before he cruelly murdered her. She was just a baby for Christ sake!

There is something seriously wrong with your brother, mark my words. What I can't understand is what about Justice. The word doesn't even come into this, does it. That poor girl! What is he an informaniac. He sure sounds like it to me! You just be carefully! You want to get as far away from him as possible.

You can come over here in the U.K. and spend a couple of weeks here. I will put you up, It won't cost you a penny in keep. I have a three bedroomed house and there's only me and my youngest son that live here. You could probably do with the break! The offers here if you want it. It's entirely up to you.

Let me know anyway. Take care.

Paula x:rolleyes:

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