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How about ...

Talking to her about things that are important to you?

Talking to her about things that are important to her?

Touching her and caressing her in a way that shows her that it matters to you how she feels?

Doing little things around the house so she doesn't have to?

Saying and doing things to show you're thinking of her, even when you aren't together?

And yeah, all of those things are "sexual", guys.

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I know what your saying malign, and your right, those things mean more to women then a good pounding, atleast theoretically. Its hard to feel like a real man when you know some ten incher doesn't have to be so caring know what I mean? Don't get me wrong, I know thats my problem and not hers, just that if my experience is any indication, women respond the most when you act as if you could care less. I don't know if that makes any sense?

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Oh yeah, BillyBoy, women always respond better if you don't reveal any of your insecurities. Especially not early in.....

Some women will put up with a smaller penis, but most don't want to hear you bitch about it. She will know, she will have her opinion, but if you think that opinion may be negative, just leave it alone and don't ask.

She will find you more attractive if you never mention it, trust me. Nothing is more unsexy for a woman than to discuss male sexual inadequacies.

Malign, you make some good points but your questions strangely reming me of the things I used to say that would land me in the 'friend zone'.

Has anyone here ever been labeled a 'sweet guy'? Oh, this is when you take an interest in a woman, behave as an honorable man, respect her feelings in regards to the questions posed by Malign, and then end up as the guy she calls to cry to when General Horsecock cheats on her?

However, Malign, despite my sarcasm, salvation lies within the words you have spoken.

When I, and the other guys on this forum, actually acknowledge that there is more to pleasing a woman than sex alone, well, that's a big step. To convince myself that she's happy with me, when I know that she's had bigger. It's tough......

Here is one thing that I have noticed: On these threads I've found a lack of confidence arising from the fact that any woman that accepts one of us has to settle on us.

She has to accept "less" of a man. This is a devastating thought for one of us.

But what is it like for her? Does she have the perfect face, breasts, legs, etc.?

I'm assuming that she accepted long ago that any guy she was with would have to be cool with her imperfect face, breasts, or whatever she was weird or insecure about.

Women get over this shit, shouldn't we be able to?

I mean, seriously, wouldn't any guy on this forum accept an imperfect face, breasts, etc?

Is it so strange to assume that there are women that would accept our imperfections as well?

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I would sure appreciate all of what Malign mentioned in a relationship.

Anguished, I can relate to the feelings of being "less than". Those feelings are deeply painful. I experienced them for a time during the years following the birth of my third child. (I suffered nerve damage during childbirth and lost all pleasant clitoral sensation.) I didn't even tell my husband about any of this until over 7 years later. In the back of my mind I was afraid he wouldn't want me anymore because I was broken and inadequate. I know now that there is so much more to my being a woman than this. My being a woman is about the tender side of me, my ability to be caring and nurturing. It's about my ability to be strong and assertive when necessary (still working some on this). But mostly it's about being true to who I am as a person and accepting myself as I am.

You aren't less than, Anguished...you're you...Maybe one day you can accept that?

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