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too old for this


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I wouldn't worry about feeling like a freak - you are definitely not the only adult who cuts. There are lots of adults who cut and self-injure on this forum; I've worked with a bunch of such folks in the past when I was doing active clinical work. It's really much more common than people think but people don't think that because people don't talk about it much. Cutting is a sort of coping mechanism - usually a way for people to regulate intolerable emotions or to feel something if they've gone numb inside, or a way to punish themselves, or a way to feel like they are in control of something, or some combination of these reasons. Addictions are likewise ways to handle emotions - not helpful ways - but attempts at making bad feelings go away (at least at first). So it's all coping but in ways that aren't terribly effective, which leads to the need for more coping, and it becomes a circle.

Best therapy at present for cutting (for stopping cutting) is Dialectical Behavior Therapy - now widely available in most communities. You can search in our therapist locator to find someone near you if you like.

Can you share a little more of your situation? These sorts of things generally do not occur in a vaccum. Are you comfortable talking about what has lead you to cut; how you got to be addicted? Also - it will be helpful to us if you can share how you've dealt with these issues in the past, and if you've been in therapy before, etc.

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Hi there,

I am very new to this group and had read your post a few times before my account was activated.

Just so you know you are not too old, and seriously, a lot of times age has nothing to do with self injury.

I know of a few fourm's that are for self injure's and there are many that are older then you and I.

I am a single parent too, and have a history of the same behaviors. Don't feel alone about your addictions.

What I have learned is that these are all ways of coping. Anther thing, is that you are doing well for yourself, and still functioning as best as you can. You are able to take care of your children, home, morgage, ect. AND are doing it on your own.

Oh, I also have a dog too :)

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