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I'm having one of those empty days too... there are things around the house that need doing, but I have no enthusiasm for anything.

I met up with my Mom and bunch of family members last night. We went downtown, sat outside at a pub, people watched and chatted. I had nothing to say to anybody either, but it was something to do and I know my mum enjoys it, so at least it made her happy. I thinks it's probably pretty common to feel disconnected from parents, like they are in a world you don't share really. I think it gets worse as they get older too. I saw it between my grandmother and her kids, my parents and their kids, me and my kids who are now adult. I think it's a generational thing to a certain extent, seeing the world through a different lense so we don't really speak the same language. I know I am having real issues with one of my daughters who is seeing her situation very differently from how I am seeing it and we are clashing a lot because of it....

Now that you've had a few coffees, have you decided what you will do with your day? :)

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