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Maybe a stupid question


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There are all kinds of mental illnesses, and yes, many of them do happen for a time in a person's life and then go away for good. There are also a great number of them that are chronic conditions that do not go away, but which can be managed so that they interfere with living life as little as is possible.

Is there a specific condition that you are asking about?

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I have been doing lots and lots of reading ... since I admitted to myself I have issues... I have read about some people saying some stuff goes away in time... like depression and Bipolar... Mine has not gone away.. mine has gotten worse since I have not been taking meds. Some also claim diet and exercise will make it go away... I believe diet and exercise may help in many ways but is not a cure .. at least for biploar.... exercise can help with a mild depression... but that is just my opinion... ( diclaimer ... not a DOctor!!!:rolleyes:


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There is conflicting research on the exact relationship between depression and exercise.

The bottom line is that while exercise in and of itself will probably not "cure" severe depression, it can quite often provide a mood boost in terms of brain chemicals, as well as opportunities to get out and socialize that are helpful in dealing with depressive symptoms. Setting and keeping exercise goals (i.e., a will take a walk 3x this week no matter how crappy I feel) can also help boost self esteem, which can help with mood.

The same holds true for bipolar disorder.... exercise by itself will most likely not be enough to keep someone stable. It can definitely help, and certainly won't hurt anyone (unless the exercising becomes extreme when someone is in a manic state).

Some people with mild depressive symptoms will find that exercise does wonders for their mood and may resolve many if not all symptoms.

Depression and bipolar disorder are both very complex illnesses, so usually, the treatment plan must be individualized.

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