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Too paranoid


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My personally beliefs is that people can lose happiness in their life if being too paranoid about "finding love" again after abuse. I am in therapy and will continue. I believe thought its good to be sceptical, but wouldn´t it be very tragic to give up love and happiness only and alone because you have been abused in the past. If you are totally alone in this world and are in need of love and someone to love, something you have never had before, I would say it would be a tragedy to give up that happiness just because others tells you so. You have to follow your own gut and not all the time listen to othesr who may be very wrong. True love is in fact the best medicine you can get.

I believe in own judgement, own faults, own view, and I accept others view, but no one can know better than yourself. I believe if you find true love that would be a shame to give up. If I am happy isn´t that what matters the most?

Any opinions, I would be thankful!

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