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Anyone interested in being interviewed for a "National Magazine" ??


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I learned today that a reporter for a (USA) national magazine (which one I don't know) is seeking to interview people who are depressed and who has sought support for that depression within an online community. So - that would describe many people who participate here.

If someone were interested in speaking to this reporter, that that person would be interviewed, and material from that interview, possibly including direct quotes, would be integrated into the story when it runs in the magazine. This would not be an anonymous contribution; I have that much detail about the opportunity:

People who are selected to be in the final articles will be identified in the article by name, age, city and occupation. This is for a national news and opinion magazine.

Would anyone who fits this bill like to be interviewed? If so please drop me a note either as a post on this thread, or via private message and I will do what I can to connect you to the reporter.

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Thankfully, I am not depressed but want to put my 2 cents worth in---Whatever happened to privacy???? Why would someone wnat to put their real name, age, location, etc and their emotional health issues out there for all to read? Mark, are you sure that is the way the magazine wants to do this? :confused: I find it hard to imagine they would get many takers on a deal like that.

But, I could be wrong. I certainly have been before.


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I think that this is exactly how the magazine wants to do it - without anonymity. At issue is the stigma of mental illness. And I think that part of what the magazine writer is assuming is that there is no reason to be ashamed of being depressed so why not be identified as a real person. Of course, this is not how many people who have depression feel. Which is why many people may not want to do this sort of thing. But at the end of the day, it's an individual choice.

There can be a number of different motives for wanting to be interviewed. I can't speak for some of them (not knowing what they are), but one possible motive is to reach out to other depressed people who might benefit from the community experience - to become an ambassador so to speak. I can appreciate that taking on such a role could be intimidating, especially to someone who is struggling with depression and/or related social anxiety.

If someone is interested in being interviewed but only upon the condition of anonymity being preserved, I can communicate back with the writer and see if that is acceptable to him/her.


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Hello Mark,

I am quite new to this website and ran across this announcement. I wouldn't mind helping you out as long as my privacy is respected.

I've suffered from depression over the last 8 years and I've tried seeking help from all over the place, but nothing seems to be helping. If I could help you, I wouldn't mind throwing in my two cents.

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