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Not too important but how do you talk to guys?


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i find it easy talking to guys i have no attraction to but there is one guy i really want to talk to, i think he wants to talk to me as well but i dunno, He tends to go near me if he has no one else, He is very shy, he is new to my school so i dont really know him well i don't know how to start a conversation.

He is soo cute, my friend from his old school said he was nice and funny-my type of guy

Any suggestions on what i should say?

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Hi Avalon-

You could also practice (at home) some things you might say to him (different topics), and how you might say them. You could also picture him responding to you and how the conversation would flow from there.

I might also practice some relaxation techniques to calm you down before you start talking to him. Try 5 or 6 slow deep breaths (from your belly) before you start. Also, try to choose a decent time to approach him (not when you have just had a major test or other stressor go on).

Let us know how it goes.

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You probably have a harder time talking to him or starting a conversation with him because you're afraid that your emotions/feelings might get in the way of a "normal" conversation. Ontop of that, you feel that if he finds out about your feelings towards him, he might reject you.

The best way to talk to a guy that you like is just be yourself. Find common grounds in hobbies and start out from there. Eventually the conversation will lead to where you would like it to go. =)

Good luck

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i have decided not to talk to this guy... but i will use the advice for the future

I like another guy

but it is really weird as i have not seen him for 3 years... and when i did see him i didn't really have any feelings for him.. but i only just started talking to him on msn... and we have only just had 2 conversations on msn since 3 years ago. I can't stop thinking about him... but we were just having a normal/friendly conversation...

should i tell him that i like him?

i have had the weirdest crushes... (i've had a crush on a guy i'd never seen just because he had a nice voice/accent)

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