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Okay, I need some answers here.

How do you get over this:

I worked hard for years proving myself in my job and then took classes to further my career. After earning a wonderful reputation, new bosses come in and decide they want nothing to do with the faithful hard working employees whom have been there. Now I am being overlooked for many positions and it is very discouraging after all my hard work and dedication. I can't seem to make an impact and I see other people stepping into these jobs who are less deserving and have not even proved themselves yet, like I truly have. I am NEVER in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time and it is doing a number on my self-esteem. You get pretty tired of getting knocked down, then somehow managing to pull yourself back up, ONLY to get knocked down...it is a vicious cycle. Yes, I know life isn't fair, but what about that line that "you are just where you are suppose to be" or "good things happen to those who wait"?????????????????????

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Hi Serinitynow

Have you thought of raising a Grievance with your boss? What you want to do is go down the proper channels!

If your not happy about the fact that you feel, that you have equally good enough experience, if not more, that these new colleagues have, then tell him so!

Ask him to arrange a meeting, to discuss your grievance! Once you have asked for his grievance meeting, then your boss has 28 days to arrange this meeting with you. If in that 28 days, he does not arrange a meeting with you, Then you could walk out and claim Constructive dismissal. On the grounds that your boss is making it virtually impossible for you to carry on working there

You could also take him for discrimination, on the grounds that you are a present employee, and applying for these jobs yourself.

If you get no joy out of this then you want to apply to the Tribunal (that's what it is called in the U.K. You'd have to find out who you apply to if you live in the States) and proceed with filing a Court proceedings.

I'm pretty well up on this, as I've just gone through something similar to this myself. AND WON!


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