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I can tell you that this is not one of the more common methods of self-injury. Cutting is first, followed by burning. Those are the big two. But I doubt that you are the first person in the history of the world to have hit on this novel method for SI :). Lots of creative people out there.

Like all SI, self-induced vomiting is dangerous. You can damage your esophagus, I believe, leading to dangerous medical complications such as GERD (?? - have not verified this but believe it to be of concern). Abuse of ipecac syrup (to induce vomiting) is also a danger as I understand it can lead to heart problems. It is best to not self-injure at all. For people who self-injure this often means learning alternative ways of coping. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is useful in this regard, and is a fairly widely available psychotherapy today.

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I just want to know how common, or not, it is to have more than one way of hurting yourself? Recently I've been making myself vomit, not to lose weight, I don't have an eating disorder...it just .. i don't know, its just something else I do to myself.

Does anyone else do this?

the vomiting that you are doing can lead into a full blown eating disorder. Their is a connection about ED's and self injury.

Mark is correct, that there are many dangers of self induced vomiting. It takes the enamel right off your teeth and then the teeth litteraly rots out of your mouth.. I know this from personal experience.

I si by mostly burning, and i am aware that cutting is the most common method. However, people hit themselves, too.

I do not know how much your vomiting, or if your bingeing too. However, it can quickly become out of control, and there are dreadful consequences.

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I forgot about tooth enamel and self-induced vomiting, mscat. Thanks for pointing that out. Really, self-induced vomiting is not a healthy way to self-injure (if such a thing exists). Not that cutting or burning is healthier - they have their own problems associated with them.

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i have to be reminded daily about the consequences of purging/voimiting. ALL of the 4 front teeth are gone out of my mouth + there are holes in the back of my teeth that needed to be filled in . The remainder of my teeth are so worn down it is awful. I now wear a partial. When teeth go, their is no replacing them .

I had those teeth absess , and that is incredibly painful. It costs thousands and thousands of dollars in dental costs , from Eating Disorders, and vomiting.

This was for me, 15 years ago. I AM still dealing with dental issues.

For the poster, it is better to try and get a handle on the vomiting now, then wait untill you suffer from the consequences later.

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