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Self-Help Book on How to be Cool / Socially accepted


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Hi All,

I'm doing some market research for a book that I've drafted. Have you ever wondered why some people are considered cool or cool to be around? Or what the heck defines 'cool'? Everyone has a natural desire to be liked and appreciated by others, particularly within their social network of friends.

The essence of the book is to highlight that there are universal social rules of engagement that all social groups adhere to and by focusing on real-life scenarios and anecdotes, the book will humorously and insightfully demonstrate how people can live a happier life by being aware of the rules and no longer having to be considered a fringe member of the groups they desire to be part of.

I'm interested to see whether you think people would find this book of interest? And if not why not?

(I must stress, I'm not trying to suggest that it's the fault of the people who are being bullied or considered 'uncool'. I genuinely think I can offer some social skill secrets that ALL people from ALL walks of life and ALL ages can benefit from).

I look forward to your feedback.

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Sorry if I sound numb! But could you explain what you mean in a clearer way!

The jist of what I'm understanding is: That there are certain rules to adhere by, to get you noticed & liked in social setting's. (surrounding's) The likes & dislikes of meeting new friend's.

Sorry but I don't quiet understand what you are asking?


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Hi, I am Elizabeth Bennett and I am trying to educate folks on the dangers of bullying and Peer Abuse in the community.

I commend you for taking the effort and time to write this book and I believe your heart is in the right place. However, I have to ask....why does someone have to be "cool" to be accepted? There are some survivors of this problem who do good to walk outside their front door on a good day. Serious social anxiety and other issues that have developed as a result of being abused by their peers. I do not think a book like this would help them. I am not saying this to be mean or put down your efforts. I just know the psychological reality of this problem and what survivors deal with on a daily basis.

Now if you are reaching teens and kids, this may help in some way. Maybe use it as a exercise or program to help others learn healthier social skills. At the same time, I wonder why one way of behavior would be the only way? There are many different types of personalities in this world and I question whether or not this would be an issue of conforming or not?

Anyway, this is my own opinion. Please know I am not trying to discourage you here. To even take the time to help in getting this problem stopped is admirable.

Take Care,

Elizabeth Bennett

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Thanks all for your feedback. It's made fantastic reading and helped me greatly in my pitch.

So far the publisher has said that the first impressions of the draft are positive. Whether they will back it will come down to some more meetings internally so I should hear within 2 weeks hopefully.


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